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Honda CR-V Review – One Year Later

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He Likes Me; He Really Likes Me

He Likes Me; He Really Likes Me

Last year I purchased a Honda CR-V and wrote a review after 3 months of use. I spoke of some negatives and after driving it for one year I can say that the biggest problem that remains is the lack of automatic headlights. The other problems I spoke of turned out to not be that big of a deal. They were the lack of true intermittent wipers and a dash-board display of tire pressure.

The positives noted in the initial review still ring true and it drives well with little body roll and the engine and drive train provide great acceleration or throttle response. The lack of XM satellite on a base model still aggravates me but we bought an aftermarket option that is adequate.  It was installed by the retailer in a poor location on the dash and the antenna frequently disconnects and has to be fixed by jiggling the connection. This is more than mildly irritating.  If the installation was better perhaps this would be fine.  As it is we are satisfied but not overjoyed with radio.

The fuel economy is astounding and we could not be happier. It gets about 30 MPG around town and about 36 on the highway.   We have not had to do any repairs and the only money spent on it has been routine oil changes.  We thought about buying an aftermarket rear compartment cover to hide anything stored back there but after a year the need seems less important. The cost is only about $100 but we never seriously pursued it after initially thinking we might.

The bottom line is; I rate this purchase a 94 out of 100 and would recommend it to anyone in the SUV market.  Happy motoring.


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August 14, 2016 at 8:01 am

My first Honda automobile – A review

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My Owner Has "Trust Issues"

I am not perfect

I bought a 2015 Honda CR-V in June and after driving it for 3 months I thought I would give you my impression. This is the first foreign car I have ever owned and I will be reviewing the base model. I wrote about the reason for getting a Honda here.

I guess I will start with the reasons I am writing the review; the negatives.   So far none of these are a reason to go back to Chevrolet but as you will see it is disappointing since they are so easy to correct and so unexpected.

  • There is no automatic headlight option! My goodness the GM products I have been driving have had this option for as long as I can remember. I know my 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix had this. I haven’t had to remember to turn my lights on or off for so long that this is a major inconvenience to get accustomed to.
  • There is no variability setting for the intermittent wipers! Is it really intermittent if it is just one speed? What I have is a low, medium and high option. This is ridiculous because I know GM’s had true intermittent wipers since the 1970’s.
  • No XM satellite radio availability. This is available for the luxury model but I have rented econo-boxes of all makes and models and they have XM.
  • No dashboard tire pressure reading option. The car will let you know when the tire pressure is below a certain level but I can’t look on demand to see the pressure. I didn’t think this would be a problem but after driving cars for years with the option it bothers me.

When adding those four items up it really detracts from the initial excitement of driving what I thought was the standard that other cars are measured against. It is especially disappointing knowing how easily this could have been avoided. There are other minor things I dislike but they do not rise to the level of stupidity for me to mention in much detail. The two I can think of are the “clunky’ dashboard display and the driver’s side mirror has a split display that makes me disoriented and I don’t know what purpose it serves. I will have to read the manual in my free time – perhaps when I am retired.

  • To be fair I will add some positives but unfortunately the positives will mostly not be enjoyed for another 5 or 6 years. Those are the reliability and quality after 100,000 miles and beyond. I can add some that I have already enjoyed and here they are:
  • I am very pleased with the very smooth ride and seamless shifting of the automatic transmission.
  • I also give two thumbs up for the power and responsiveness.   If I was writing for a car magazine I would call it excellent “throttle response”.
  • The car has an overall pleasant drivability and a good turning radius which helps getting in and out of tight spaces. The rear view camera is also ok but is really just a gimmick that I haven’t noticed to be very useful. I think this is a 2016 government requirement for all SUV’s that Honda decided to include for 2015.
  • The fuel economy is very good with 29 in mixed driving and about 32 on the highway at speeds of 75 miles per hour.

In summary, the good outweighs the bad especially as I get accustomed to the small aggravations. In the long run the car will be a winner as long as the reliability is as good as advertised. Have a great week.