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Back To School

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Back To School

Back To School

It is that time of the year when schools are beginning again after the summer break. Some schools will start shortly and others have already begun.  Today I will take a look at the good and the bad of back to school.  I wrote about back to school memories in 2012 as well, click here to read what I had to say.

The good:

  • Traffic gets better with fewer people on the road during morning and afternoon rush hour.
  • High School football games offer a fun way to spend a Friday night.
  • Child care expenses are greatly reduced. Having nearby relatives has substantial benefits.
  • Going shopping for some new clothes. I typically wore jeans and T-shirts in high school but was made to dress up in elementary school.  Getting bell bottoms was a big deal.
  • Seeing your friends again on a regular basis. Things might be different in today’s connected world.  We did not have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype/Face Time, cell phones or the internet when I was in school.
  • Having your mind filled with knowledge and to continue your lifelong journey of learning. (I am sort of serious)

The bad:

  • For the kids, it is the homework, getting up early and the lousy slop that they call pizza at the cafeteria.
  • Finding out that you have a first period gym class or worse a challenging subject like calculus or physics.  After the summer off and sleeping in you don’t want to tax your body or your brain that early.
  • The drama associated with the bus ride for the elementary school kids. On top of that, it seemed like every year I would get on the bus first in the morning and be the last to be dropped off in the afternoon.  Spending 45 minutes on a bus is no fun.
  • Traffic gets worse during the morning and afternoon rush hour.
  • For the parents the running kids to various school related activities.
  • For the parents they also have to deal with homework every night making sure the assignments get done. I personally think they assign too much homework these days.
  • For parents taking a hit to the budget to get clothes for the new school year can be a shock.

I hope this brings back some memories for you and I hope that back to school is mostly a good thing for you. Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 28, 2016 at 8:01 am

Spring Has Sprung And Summer Is On My Radar

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This is better than snow

This is better than snow

Spring arrived just after midnight at 12:30 A.M. last Sunday. I hope you have enjoyed the first week. It was the second week of daylights savings time and we are rapidly hurtling towards the first day of summer – I can’t wait. Since we are heading towards warmer weather I thought I would break out a favorite topic – things to do as the temperature rises. Read what I wrote in previous years here, here and here.

This year I will have my list of usual things but will try to add a few more challenging items to my list. Before I begin let me tell you that harvesting veggies from my garden will appear on the list again. I have changed my strategy a little bit after a few years of misguided planting. I am going to plant few, if any, tomato plants since they have not grown well the past couple of years and they don’t last very long after picking. I am going to ramp up my hot pepper production because they always seem to grow well and I can pickle them and they will last a long time. I canned about 9 quarts last summer and I am still enjoying them on sandwiches.

I will start with my list of challenges:

  • Go on a vacation that encompasses at least 4 business days
  • Cut down 6 trees that do not belong near my house – this will involve a chain saw
  • Go to a cultural event for my wife’s sake (let’s keep that a secret between you, me and the internet)
  • Be more adventurous when picking restaurants for our weekend dinners
  • Ride my bike once per week with my wife to help her improve and for more quality time together

My “usual suspects”

  • Go to a major league and minor league baseball game
  • Cook lunch on the grill on Saturday afternoons while listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 on Satellite radio
  • Ride my bike on the Silver Comet Trail as often as possible
  • Plant and harvest a bumper crop of hot peppers
  • Take Jimmy Sad Eyes to the dog park so he can romp with reckless abandon

I hope I can accomplish all that is on my list and more. I will keep you posted on how things are going. Have a great week.

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March 27, 2016 at 8:01 am

Tomorrow Is Another Chance To Get It Right

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Ringing in 2016

Ringing in 2016

I want to wish you a Happy New Year and want to close out the 2015 blog year with a look forward to 2016. It will be a leap year and we will have to work on February 29th which falls on a Monday.  As a business owner I welcome the extra day because it gives me one more day to Turn Things On End To Achieve Results!

The holiday schedule doesn’t look particularly good since Christmas 2016 and New Year’s Day 2017 fall on a Sunday. More bad news for restaurant owners is that Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve fall on the weekend which is generally unfavorable.    The unofficial summer season; measured between Memorial Day and Labor Day is about average since Memorial Day is late on the 30th and Labor Day is also late on the 5th.  In between, there is some good news in that the Fourth of July falls on a Monday.

Other items to note; daylight savings time will begin on March 13th but end on November 6th. Anyone who is involved in the payroll process should be aware that Veteran’s day, November 11th, falls on a Friday so if your pay cycle falls that day you will have to accommodate the bank holiday.  From a quick scan of the calendar, I believe that is the only Friday bank holiday.

The Summer Olympics are being held this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5th to August 21st. On February 7th the 50th Super Bowl will be played in Santa Clara, California.  Also falling on the 7th is the start of the Masters Golf tournament in April and the Kentucky Derby in May.  The most significant sporting event will begin on April 3rd which is the opening of the Major League Baseball season.    Opening “day” is the next day on 4/4/16 which is also known as square root day – for obvious reasons.  I suspect the Pittsburgh Pirates will begin their dominance in the National League Central Division that day.  One can hope anyway…

I hope 2015 was a good year and that your Christmas season was meaningful. If not, as an optimist*, I always believe that tomorrow is another chance to get it right.  Have a great week and a Happy New Year.

* a bit of sarcasm to end the year – free of charge!

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December 28, 2015 at 7:57 am

What To Do This Fall

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Slow down and enjoy fall

Slow down and enjoy fall

As of the publish date of today’s blog we are over one month into the autumn season. If you enjoy the change of seasons, this time of year is probably a special treat as we are just past the peak season of fall foliage in most areas of the United States. For the sports fan this is a time when all 4 major sports are playing. Football season is hitting full stride as colleges are getting into the conference schedules and rivalry week is fast approaching. Baseball is about to crown its champion and Hockey and Basketball seasons are about to ramp up.

In case you are wondering how to take advantage of this time of year I thought I would list what I have done so far this fall and also list what I would like to do – my wish list for the next two months.

So far this fall I have done the following things that maybe of interest to you:

  • I have watched several college football games including homecoming. The local University is in its first season in the FCS division (formerly known as division 1-AA) level. They are the Kennesaw State Owls and are doing well so far.
  • A bicycle ride in the glorious sunshine at a slower pace – yes, it is okay to smell the flowers when the season is coming to an end. I can ramp it up again in the spring.
  • Relax with a cup of steaming hot coffee (or your favorite morning beverage) on the deck or back porch and ease into the day.
  • Take the dog to the dog park and enjoy some outside time for yourself at the same time. (Fido won’t know what you are doing)
  • Roast a turkey in the oven now that it is cool outside and it won’t heat the house up. I just did a five-pound, fresh, never frozen turkey breast and it was delish!

Below is my list of some things I hope to do in the coming weeks:

  • Take a ride in the car and stop when I some to an interesting place to have lunch or dinner – preferably outside. Sure, it is okay to plan to be spontaneous just don’t have any details in mind.
  • Find some real apple cider at an orchard or roadside stand and warm it up and enjoy it with a cinnamon-sugar sprinkled donut.
  • Eat a homemade pecan pie made by my sweet, dear mother who is the best ever! I hope the selfish and obvious flattery works.
  • Take my sweetie to Ted’s Montana Grill (Ted as in Ted Turner) and have a turkey dinner which is their Sunday special.

Apparently I plan to do a lot of eating in the coming months. Read my blog next spring “how to lose weight after a fall of non-stop activities revolving around food”. I hope you see an idea or two that you may want to try. Have a good week.

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October 26, 2015 at 8:01 am

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

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Summer is winding down for the year and I just like the first homework assignment in the new school year thought I would take a look back at what I did, didn’t or wished I had done. I hope you had a summer full of pleasant activities.

What I Did:

  • Lots of bike rides
  • Lots of cutting the grass
  • Lots of working
  • Picked lots of hot peppers from my garden.  It was a great year for peppers.
  • Lots of dinners outside at various restaurants. We probably ate inside a restaurant less than 5 times since April.
  • Lots of walking Jimmy Sad Eyes
  • Had dozens of trees cut down in my back yard that were killing my grass (is that really a bad thing?) and threatening my house.
  • Bought a new car!
  • Ate at the Corral roadside restaurant which I blogged about previously and can be read by clicking here
  • Attended a minor league baseball game
  • Saw the movie Ant Man and then blogged about it. Read what I wrote
  • Watched lots of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games on MLB.TV (lots of wins!)

What I didn’t do:

  • Take a vacation – so this whole thing could be zero words because I did nothing on my summer vacation since I didn’t have one. Boo!!
  • Shiver. There have been about 50 days above 90 degrees in my area of Georgia this summer. We have only had 5 days below 80 since May 1st.
  • Wear long pants after work or on weekends. The last time I wore long pants after work or on the weekend was probably the beginning of May. That is fine by me.
  • Complain about it being too hot. I had my fill of long cold winters so it may be a while before I can’t take the heat. It might be hot but you don’t have to shovel sunshine.
  • Go hunting, fishing or camping. That is mostly because I don’t like those activities. I have a house with a nice, big, soft bed – why would I ever want to sleep on the hard ground?

What I wished I had done:

  • Grill out more. We didn’t seem to have the time this year for much grilling.
  • Hired someone to cut my grass when I was too busy. Why stress out when there are people who do that. All it costs is a phone call and money. A lesson I need to learn is you can’t make more time but you can make more money.

I guess that is all I wished I had done. I don’t have many regrets because I have learned that the journey itself is part of the fun.  Have a great week checking off things on your summer to do list.

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September 14, 2015 at 8:01 am

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

Before getting into today’s topic let me give my annual reminder that in the summertime I cut back on the business related topics.  I will publish a business topic on the first Monday of every month instead of every other Monday.  I will resume the normal schedule on Monday September 7th with a business topic.  This happens to be Labor Day and the latest day on which it can fall.  That means this year the unofficial summer – beginning on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day is 105 days long.  The tally of summer days looks like this; 7 days in May, 30 in June, 31 in July and August and 6 days in September with Summer Ending on Labor Day the 7th.

Speaking of summer; that is the topic of today’s blog.  Since I have already established it will be 105 days long, I thought I would give you a run-down of summer by the numbers this year.

1 – Today, Memorial Day the unofficial kick off to the summer season.  Have something on the grill to celebrate our freedom and remember the Veterans who served to provide it.

15 – The number of weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day – make them count!

24 – This summer, consumers will buy a lot of products that contain this many cans in the package. 

36 – This many days of summer will have elapsed on June 30th.

40 – Independence falls on day 40 of summer.  Be careful with the fireworks.

53 – Day 53 of summer falls on July 17th.  There are 52 days of summer before this day and 52 days of summer after this day.  The Mid-point of the unofficial summer is July 17th, are you getting nervous that summer is going too fast?

57 – The number of Heinz varieties, all of them can be delicious with a summer meal.

61 – The record for the number of home runs hit in a 162 game season by a non-steroid aided baseball player.  The record holder’s name is Roger Maris and I recognize his contribution to the game played by the “boys of summer”. Hank Aaron holds the career mark of 755.

68 – August 1st is the 68th day of unofficial summer.  Until I moved to Georgia, I always dreaded when August came because that meant time was running out and summer would soon be over.

75 – Happy Birthday!  You turn 75 today if you were born on August 8th 1940.  August 8th is the 75th day of unofficial summer.

80 – My preferred year round Fahrenheit temperature with a relative humidity of 50%.

97 – Reasons I can think of that summer is the best season.

105 – The number of days in the summer of 2015 – make everyone count.

Have a great summer it is finally here.

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May 25, 2015 at 8:01 am

Mid February Thoughts

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Cherry Blossom

Coming Soon!


Do you hear that? I do. It is the rumbling of MLB’s spring training. This week pitchers and catchers begin to report. This is a great time of year. Not only if you are a baseball fan but if you are a fan of warmer weather then this is a sign that warmer days are ahead. All of you snow skiers can tune me out, the rest of you come on with me and let’s take a look at what we can expect encounter after winter is over. Depending on your latitude, shirt-sleeve weather is anywhere from 4-8 weeks away. Below is a list of some simple things I look forward to that money can’t buy.

  • The warm heat of the afternoon sun on my back as I relax on the deck
  • Driving with the windows down, drinking in the sights and sounds of people coming out of hibernation
  • My first glass of sun tea – the first one always tastes the best
  • Catching an unexpected whiff of someone in the neighborhood grilling red meat – such a pleasing aroma
  • Kids running around outside with gusto, unfortunately this is becoming a rarity
  • People working outside, doing yard work, cleaning out their garage or washing their cars
  • Depending on where you live, you might see a backyard campfire and smell the smoke and maybe the food cooking
  • Cars loaded down with bikes, a boat or camper headed out to the great wide open for a visit with mother-nature
  • Stopping at the roadside ice cream shack or burger joint

Those are few things I am looking forward to besides baseball. A change of season is always nice especially when you are going from a season that is not your favorite to one that is. Have a great week.


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February 16, 2015 at 8:05 am