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Solutions and services provided: (We believe timely and accurate financial reports is the starting point)

Help the business owner to see what lies ahead by:

* Identifying and interpreting trends as opportunities or threats.
* Creating tools an owner can use to manage cash going out and coming in (visibility).

Assist the business owner to improve operations by:

* Using information behind “the numbers” to fine tune operations with process improvements.
* Identifying and assisting with cost reduction and cost avoidance.
* Analyzing the efficiency of routine, transactional processes – identify and implement improvements.
* Challenge owner to use best vendors/suppliers available at best price (highest quality at lowest price possible).

Assist the business owner with gaining better control of their business by:

* Acting as a trusted business advisor to help the owner think through problems as they arise.
* Creating customized reports to satisfy the business owner’s need for management tools.
* Facilitate the business owner in developing key performance indicators or success factors to help run company.
* Challenging the business owner to identify known unknowns – what are the blind spots?
* Collaborating with the business owner to find and solve problems caused by the blind spots.
* Ensuring accuracy and timeliness of financial reports – the starting point.
* Implementing controls that provide sales and expenses are authorized at intended amounts.


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February 5, 2010 at 12:30 pm

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