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Do These Five Things And See What Happens Next

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A Few Bright Ideas

A Few Bright Ideas

Today I am going to challenge business owners to break from the routine and see if a few actions can invigorate your business.   When was the last time you tried a new idea?  If you can’t remember then maybe things are getting stale at your company and a small shake up will make a big difference.  None of these suggestions are very difficult so the cost-benefit upside is large.

  1. Call your five best customers and thank them for their business, ask them if there is anything they would like you to do to make things better, then ask them if they can get back to you with a possible new customer they could refer. They get an opportunity to feel appreciated and it might open dialogue on an improvement that will retain or increase business and you might get a referral. The effect will also give them a sense of being a business partner with you and not view you only as a vendor or service provider.
  2. Take a troubled or low producing employee to lunch and give them a chance to open up with some non-threatening, open-ended questions about work. If there is not much revealed move on and ask about family or hobbies.  At a minimum they will feel a little more appreciated and will probably sense you care and that might be the start for communication to work on the problem.
  3. Take yourself to lunch. Clear your head;  go to a quiet place, a city park or wherever you can feel relaxed and then jot down 3 things that you would do to change your company if you could.  Think big and then take the ideas back and see if your employees or management team can figure out a way to make it happen even if scaled back.  A small percentage improvement is better than nothing and you had a nice lunch.
  4. Assemble your employees and ask them to submit one idea to save costs without hurting the customer experience, quality, sales or employee well-being. Offer rewards for the best three ideas based on their input.   Perhaps the value would be $100 for first place $50 for second place and $25 for third place.  The kicker would be to throw a party for everyone once the ideas were successfully implemented.  The extravagance could be dependent on the success of the savings.  Try a pizza lunch for modest success and a catered buffet for a big win.
  5. Survey employees about their one pet peeve at the company and do your best to eliminate the issue that comes up most frequently. I am thinking about something like moving to business casual all the time or even jeans all the time (with appropriate limits).  Maybe it is something like buying a coffee maker for the office.

I hope you take the challenge and try to make a difference.  You don’t have much to lose and a lot to win. Have a fun week!


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