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Ten Things I Would Change If I Ran Starbucks

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I don’t have an obsession with Starbucks and probably average 2 visits per month for a coffee. I like their coffee and their stores.  From my casual observation, I think these suggestions would make sense but might not be practical or possible.

  1. Make all stores going forward and possibly retrofit existing ones for a second floor that had a more private area of tables for use by people for meetings or as an office away from home during the day. In the evening, use it for acoustic music and to tie in better with their expansion into alcohol sales. Music and coffee houses go together.
  2. Reduce the clutter in the floor space and add more tables. Display as much merchandise on the wall shelves as possible and leave it at that.
  3. Brew decaf coffee at night! That is the only time I want it and after lunch they do not brew any. It makes sense to them but not to me.
  4. Have a TV that would provide updates for news, weather radar, stock quotes and sports so we would not have to rely on our Smart phones. The content could be customized with the Starbucks customer in mind.
  5. Have a splash of local flavor at each store. I understand the need for uniformity and brand consistency but I have been to stores all over the country and they look too much alike. I can’t tell if I am in Akron, Ohio or Zephyrhills, Florida. (There nearest Store to Zephyrhills is about 20 miles away)
  6. Get a store in Zephyrhills, Florida to make my story better!
  7. Be a little less hip/edgy. Or at least offer a more welcoming environment to older folks who love to drink good coffee and hangout. I am no geezer and I feel this would help. Why not offer a small discount for those over 65 in the slower traffic hours like mid morning and mid afternoon? Maybe play music from the 60’s folk era to help. They were probably at coffee houses drinking coffee and listening to folk music in the 60’s and it might be a nice ambience for them.
  8. Give up on the cool sounding sizes like venti, grande and just have small, medium and large. This is a personal thing with me as I can never get it straight.
  9. Offer wrapped coffee stirs in plastic or paper. I don’t think it is sanitary to have the loose wooden ones in a container on the shelf.
  10. Devise a better sleeve that keeps your hand cooler and that does not fall off. If we can put a man on the moon….They actually have a suggestion box on their website; maybe I should submit these gems and win free wooden coffee stirs for a year!

Have a great week.


2 Responses

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  1. I want to add another point is: please open an outlet in India ☺️

    Arnab Roy Chowdhury

    June 19, 2016 at 8:25 am

    • I did not know they were not in India. Perhaps soon they will enter the market.


      June 20, 2016 at 11:05 am

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