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The Upside Of Getting Sick

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I don't Feel So Good

I Don’t Feel So Good

As I write this I am in the early stages of a cold.  I couldn’t figure out last night why I was so bothered with some nasal passage clutter.  I thought maybe this was my reaction to high pollen levels.  I was wrong about that and I found out what was wrong today when I tried to have a conversation on the phone and my voice was “compromised”.

So, now that I know what is wrong; what to do about it?  Obviously I will blog about it but what else?  The proper thing is to rest and drink plenty of fluids and perhaps take a pain reliever-fever reducer.  After I write this I believe I will be heading to bed for some shut-eye.  I might go to the post office and finish a load of laundry but after that I will be powering down for a nap.  Of course I need to cut the grass and ride my bike so there will be a deal I need to make with myself.

Assuming I eventually succumb to the call of the soft, fluffy, welcoming bed; what can I expect to do after my rest is over?  This leads me to my topic; the upside of getting sick.  In delineating the positives that come from dealing with the common cold I shall use a list.

  • I can use it as fodder for a blog
  • I can use a bullet point list
  • I don’t have to shave and no one will give me grief
  • I can pretend that I am not sick but just being lazy in an effort to “stick it to the man”
  • It gives me an excuse to watch season 2 of Family Affair on Hulu without repercussions from my wife
  • Chicken soup is on the house!
  • Household chores will have to wait or be assigned to a lawn service or the neighbor boy
  • Watch baseball day and night – wait I do that all the time
  • I can sleep in late without guilt assuming I won’t need to get up for another reason
  • In seven to ten days you recover so I can enjoy some down time to recharge

Have a great week; I will be fighting a cold.



Written by pacelinebiz

May 22, 2016 at 8:04 am

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