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Good Customer Service Still Exists

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Thumbs Up To Good Customer Service

Thumbs Up To Good Customer Service

In today’s world, customer service is not very good on average. There are exceptions but typically you can expect the minimum effort from most businesses. I have a good experience that I want to tell you about. I had to get a prescription filled recently and I went to pick it up at my pharmacy of choice – Rite Aid. To be honest the reason why they are my choice is that they are the closest pharmacy to me. I have always had average or better service from them but this incident really shows an above average effort.

This is the story. I picked up the prescription and as it was being rung up on the cash register the pharmacist stopped and asked me if I wanted to call the Doctor for an alternative to what was being prescribed.  She asked me since it was extremely expensive and there were other suitable alternatives that were less costly. I agreed the price was outrageous and agreed that calling the Doctor was a good idea. She said she would call and that when it was resolved she would call me back.

I left the pharmacy a little befuddled and frustrated since it was Friday afternoon and I didn’t want to wait over the weekend to fill the prescription. As it turned out I had good reason to be concerned, it was now 4:30 and I had not heard anything. I decided to call Rite Aid and they told me that they had called my Doctor’s office twice already and left voice mails with no response. The pharmacist said she would call a third time and maybe that would get someone’s attention. I thanked her and waited to hear back.

The third time was a charm and I received a call from Rite Aid and the pharmacist said that she able to get them to write a different prescription. It was $183 cheaper than the first one! “Wow”, I exclaimed, as I thanked her for working so diligently to save me money. That is what I call good customer service. Now, my doctor might need to take notice about this and think before prescribing and making a little better effort to help out a customer late on a Friday afternoon.

The lesson for all of us is to make an effort for our customers beyond the minimum. Also, when someone does go out of their way tell them that you appreciate what they did. This creates a positive feedback loop that we all can benefit from. Have a great week.


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