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2016 Madness

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Why Not March Mayhem?

Why Not March Mayhem?

I have an annual tradition much like the annual tradition of the NCAA basketball tournament. It is blogging about the tournament. The best thing for me about the tournament is that it provides ample fodder to blog about. This year is no exception.

Let’s cut to the chase. This is what you need to know. The first tip-off will be March 15th – a mere 2 days from now. This is the first play in game which will be contested in Dayton, Ohio. Other dates to note are the “Sweet 16” and “Elite 8” rounds which will be played on March 24-27 to get down to the final four round which will be played on April 2nd and the championship game will be played on Monday April 4th.

Now it is time for my insightful analysis and predictions. There will be countless blocking fouls called that appear to be offensive charging to me and there will be a slew of camera shots of cheerleaders and people with painted faces. My prediction is that I will manage to watch parts of 3 games and will consume junk food that is beyond the daily recommended amount of zero. Another prediction: I will be thankful that the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball season opens on the 3rd and takes Championship Monday off.

For all of you with a rooting interest; good luck. I will be watching with passionate disinterest. Have a great week.


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