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Christmas And A Boy Named Frank

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is February 29th and I hope you make the best of your extra day this year to do something positive. Even though winter is winding down I wanted to revisit a favorite topic for kids of all ages.  That topic is Christmas.  Today you will be treated to a story of a young boy named Frank.

Frank ran home from the bus stop and rushed into his room. It was early December and he had to put the finishing touches on his letter to Santa.  Tomorrow was Friday and the whole family was going into to town to see Santa at the department store.  Back in the 1960’s when Frank was growing up Santa liked to hang out at department stores.

Before Frank settled into reviewing his list, he stopped to wrestle with his brother to burn off nervous energy. In Frank’s day mom called it rough-housing and dad called it…something else.  Frank looked down at his list and then looked up at the ceiling as he mentally checked things off his list that was committed to memory.  He spent hours going over the Sears and Penney’s catalog looking for ideas and by now he had it down to the most vital items.

Grenade launching gun? Check. Hot wheels track and some cool new cars? Check.  A walkie-talkie set?  Check.  A kid sized plastic electric guitar? Check.  Rock ‘em Sock Robots?  Check.  After listing the big-ticket items he knew had to add some smaller stuff so Santa would not think he was greedy.  He wrote down a slinky, silly putty, a football and a Mr. Potato Head.  Then, at the last-minute he added plastic toy army men and a new pair of blue jeans – he wrote in big letters, BELL BOTTOMS PLEASE.  It was the late 60’s cut Frank some slack.

The trip to see Santa went well and he told Santa what he wanted and then Santa patted him on the head and asked him if he was a good boy. Frank was worried because he knew Santa already knew the answer so he played it cool and was a little non-committal and said “sort of”.  After that it was time to go home and hope for the best.

The days passed by quickly and it was now Christmas morning at 6 AM and Frank had already been up for a half an hour. He couldn’t wait any longer so he ran into the living room to see what was under the tree.  As he took inventory it looked like it was going to be a good year.  This came as a surprise because his mom and dad were acting like they had inside scoop that Santa was a little disappointed.  As Frank tore into his gifts he was quite happy with what Santa brought for him.  He had so much to sort through he wasn’t upset that he didn’t get the grenade launcher.

Frank ended up spending much of the day playing with something he didn’t even ask for – an electric football game. Frank thought to himself amidst all the excitement that it seemed like the big day always ends up different than you expect it – but it is always better.  He just assumed that was part of Christmas magic.  Later he knew he would be visiting with his cousins and aunts and uncles so this Christmas day was not over yet!

I hope you have a great week re-living some childhood memories of Christmases past.


Written by pacelinebiz

February 28, 2016 at 12:19 pm

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