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What Can We Learn From Valentine’s Day?

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Treat Customers Right

Treat Customers Right

Today is Valentine’s Day, I hope you did something special for your Valentine. A typical Valentine’s Day includes a card, some chocolates, flowers and a nice dinner and perhaps some jewelry.  A pack of gum from the mini mart won’t cut it so if you forgot, just own up to it and promise to redeem yourself next weekend.

Let’s use Valentine’s Day as a metaphor for how to treat your customers. Just like your loved one; don’t just show your appreciation once a year by sending a card or buying them a gift around the holidays. Make every opportunity to interact with them a chance to wow them when they call on you.  If you treat your spouse like royalty year round you won’t have to rely on making a splash on Valentine’s Day and same goes with your customer.  They won’t be tempted by the Johnny-come-lately competitor if you hit a home run every time they call.

How do you treat your spouse as royalty? You do so by doing the little things throughout the year.  Things like picking up the slack when they are behind and need help.   Make a meal for them and doing the dishes afterwards, doing the laundry and putting it away. Try sending flowers or drop by to say hello at work when you know they are having a rough day.  What does that look like with a customer?  It is getting the job done right the first time and before they wanted it or cheerfully saying yes when they have a last-minute request.  Bailing them out, saving their skin when the chips are down will be remembered and will be paid back with retention.  If it doesn’t then don’t grieve the loss – they were not worth it and your competition will be weaker by dealing with them instead of you.

I firmly believe that if you have your customer’s back they will have yours. I don’t advise buying them silk undergarments – that would be weird.  If you apply the model of a great marriage to your customers I think you will be on the right track.

Have a great week.


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