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A Business Lesson From Wal-Mart

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Go Synthetic

Go Synthetic

Note: Yes, I really meant to schedule this for Sunday afternoon.  If this works well I will continue publishing on Sunday afternoon rather than Monday Morning.

A few weeks ago I dropped my car off at a Wal-Mart for an oil change intending to pick it up in the evening when my wife and I went out for a Saturday night dinner. Plans as simple as this usually go off without a hitch. If that were the case, I would not be writing this. There was a problem and Wal-Mart called to tell me that I was not going to get my oil change because they did not have my oil filter in stock. I have a very common car, not some obscure model. They told me to pick it up at my convenience. After I hung up the phone, the first thing I thought was; how does Wal-Mart run out of a very common oil filter? After that I thought they should have made an effort to get a filter from the parts store across the street. Even though that would be extra work and they would be installing a non Wal-Mart filter, it seemed like the right thing to do for their customer. Apparently that thought did not cross their mind and I was upset.

The owner in the store concept is not alive and well at Wal-Mart these days. What would Sam Walton think? I was inconvenienced and they did not seem to care.  Wal-Mart used to be known for going out-of-the-way to assist a customer by walking them to the location of  an item they were looking for in a store rather than pointing to “aisle twenty five”.  Do they still do that?  I think I am going to test that out next time I am there.

I like the convenience of using Wal-Mart for my oil changes especially since they have a decent price when using synthetic oil. As a matter of principle I am re-considering my choice of Wal-Mart for my oil changes as I come from a family that has a multi-generational small business. That small business is an auto repair shop by the way so this issue very relevant to me. I would prefer to go to a small business owner but it is rare to find one as the regional or national auto repair shops have dominated the market.  I might add that this is not good for the consumer as service is not always good and prices seem higher. I know what my dad and brother would have done in this instance, they would not have inconvenienced me.  Do yourself a favor and click here to read why going synthetic is a win for you.

Have a great week pondering the possible loss of customer service values at Wal-Mart.


Written by pacelinebiz

January 31, 2016 at 12:01 pm

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