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Entering A Dead Zone

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A Dead Zone Is Ahead

A Dead Zone Is Ahead

Tonight is the end of the College football season with the national championship game slated for an 8:30 PM start. In case you are not aware, the student athletes from Alabama are playing against the student athletes from Clemson.  In less than a month the Super Bowl, number 50, will be played.  That last sentence was incorrect.  Instead of number 50, I should have written number L.  Whatever.  Apparently the NFL has been pompous for fifty years.

Pardon my jab at the NFL. The point of today’s blog is that; unless you are a fan of NASCAR, the NBA or the NHL it will be a boring few months until baseball begins.  Baseball is the best sport ever in case you forgot.  I know, you might say that the March madness is a great two weeks and I suppose you are correct but I don’t follow that much until it is at the round of eight.

So what to do with the dead zone of sports entertainment that lasts from February until first pitch in April? We don’t have the Winter Olympics to bail us out this year.  The Summer Olympics are being held this year but we have to wait until 2018 for the next winter games in South Korea.  Again I ask; what can we do for the nearly two month dead zone?

Luckily for you, I have some suggestions which you can peruse below:

  • Clean and or organize the basement
  • Clean and or organize the garage
  • Clean and or organize your closets
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Volunteer at the local charitable organization – they could really use your help
  • Begin a workout program on Feb. 2 in honor of Groundhog’s day
  • Catch up on your reading
  • Catch up with your relationships that suffered during the year
  • Knit a blanket or build a grandfather clock depending on your skill set
  • Put your time to good use by binge watching all of the shows you missed

I hope you can find something good to do with your time if none of my suggestions sounded interesting. Have a great week getting ready for the dead zone.


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