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My Ideal Christmas Present – A Day For Me!

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Have Very Merry Christmas

Have Very Merry Christmas

Today is the last blog I will publish before Christmas so let me wish you a merry one.  Please do not eat too much or drink too much or make a fool of yourself while playing scrabble or other board game.   I only hope I can follow my own advice.

If I had to describe the perfect Christmas Day, it would begin when I awoke without the aid of the alarm clock.  I would guess that would be some time in the 7 O’clock hour.  I would awake to find the coffee ready, and breakfast on the table waiting for me.  Breakfast would consist of eggs, bacon and sausage and a sweet cinnamon laden pastry of some sort.

After my breakfast was complete, I would stroll over to the couch with a coffee cup and carafe in hand to watch portions of A Christmas Story.  Of course my wife and little Jimmy Sad Eyes would be there with me snuggled up in a warm blanket.  In this ideal scenario, my wife would make positive comments about the chosen movie and Jimmy Sad Eyes would not crowd me.

Once the movie had run its course, I would play with Jimmy by running around the house with my slippers on.  Jimmy enjoys this game and on this perfect day I would not slip on the carpeting and break my hip.  After the horseplay I would sample Christmas goodies in the form of cookies and various and plentiful baked goods provided by my Mom. Copious amounts of coffee would be available as a chaser.  My Mom can out-bake your Mom even if it is Christmas – sorry but that is how life works sometimes. 

To walk off the calories that had already been consumed, I would take a short walk outside in the crisp 58 degree air.  Since this is the perfect Christmas Day the calories consumed would be low and the calories burned would be high.  Jimmy would accompany me on the walk and for once he would not bark incessantly at dogs, people, air or subatomic particles.

Once the walk was complete and the calories burned off, a light lunch would be awaiting me upon my return.  It would be portions of spiral sliced ham and some smoked turkey that I would use to make a sandwich that would make Dagwood proud.  If you don’t understand that reference; try Googling the word “Dagwood” with your smart phone (or other connected device).

After the lunch was polished off a nap would be in order.  I would go to the new Florida room that Santa brought me for Christmas and would stretch out in the sun on the couch and nap and bask to my heart’s content.  Forgive me if I drool, it IS my perfect day.

Once I awoke from my nap, I would partake in a no holds barred game of Monopoly with the family.  In this perfect day scenario I would have the patience to play the game to its conclusion without getting tired or bored and of course would win.   After the game was over I would again find the couch for some relaxation and sipping a glass of fine wine in celebration.

Dinner time would roll around and the feast would be bountiful with ham, turkey and homemade smoked sausage from the family recipe among a vast array of rolls, desserts and maybe a vegetable or two.  Dinner would last quite a while as we sat around gabbing and talking trash.  Trash talking is fun as long as no one gets hurt physically or emotionally.  Since this is my ideal day, the dishes would be cleaned up and put away in a flash without the aid of my wife or anyone for that matter.

By now, this blog and my special day are both getting old so I would finish the day with quiet time in front of the fireplace with my sweetie.  I would say all the right things and my jokes would actually be funny.  We would fall asleep on the couch with little Jimmy Sad Eyes wedged in between us providing extra warmth.  Goodnight.

Merry Christmas to all.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 21, 2015 at 8:04 am

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  1. Merry Christmas, Doug.


    December 21, 2015 at 7:39 pm

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