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Tomorrow Is Another Chance To Get It Right

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Ringing in 2016

Ringing in 2016

I want to wish you a Happy New Year and want to close out the 2015 blog year with a look forward to 2016. It will be a leap year and we will have to work on February 29th which falls on a Monday.  As a business owner I welcome the extra day because it gives me one more day to Turn Things On End To Achieve Results!

The holiday schedule doesn’t look particularly good since Christmas 2016 and New Year’s Day 2017 fall on a Sunday. More bad news for restaurant owners is that Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve fall on the weekend which is generally unfavorable.    The unofficial summer season; measured between Memorial Day and Labor Day is about average since Memorial Day is late on the 30th and Labor Day is also late on the 5th.  In between, there is some good news in that the Fourth of July falls on a Monday.

Other items to note; daylight savings time will begin on March 13th but end on November 6th. Anyone who is involved in the payroll process should be aware that Veteran’s day, November 11th, falls on a Friday so if your pay cycle falls that day you will have to accommodate the bank holiday.  From a quick scan of the calendar, I believe that is the only Friday bank holiday.

The Summer Olympics are being held this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5th to August 21st. On February 7th the 50th Super Bowl will be played in Santa Clara, California.  Also falling on the 7th is the start of the Masters Golf tournament in April and the Kentucky Derby in May.  The most significant sporting event will begin on April 3rd which is the opening of the Major League Baseball season.    Opening “day” is the next day on 4/4/16 which is also known as square root day – for obvious reasons.  I suspect the Pittsburgh Pirates will begin their dominance in the National League Central Division that day.  One can hope anyway…

I hope 2015 was a good year and that your Christmas season was meaningful. If not, as an optimist*, I always believe that tomorrow is another chance to get it right.  Have a great week and a Happy New Year.

* a bit of sarcasm to end the year – free of charge!


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December 28, 2015 at 7:57 am

My Ideal Christmas Present – A Day For Me!

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Have Very Merry Christmas

Have Very Merry Christmas

Today is the last blog I will publish before Christmas so let me wish you a merry one.  Please do not eat too much or drink too much or make a fool of yourself while playing scrabble or other board game.   I only hope I can follow my own advice.

If I had to describe the perfect Christmas Day, it would begin when I awoke without the aid of the alarm clock.  I would guess that would be some time in the 7 O’clock hour.  I would awake to find the coffee ready, and breakfast on the table waiting for me.  Breakfast would consist of eggs, bacon and sausage and a sweet cinnamon laden pastry of some sort.

After my breakfast was complete, I would stroll over to the couch with a coffee cup and carafe in hand to watch portions of A Christmas Story.  Of course my wife and little Jimmy Sad Eyes would be there with me snuggled up in a warm blanket.  In this ideal scenario, my wife would make positive comments about the chosen movie and Jimmy Sad Eyes would not crowd me.

Once the movie had run its course, I would play with Jimmy by running around the house with my slippers on.  Jimmy enjoys this game and on this perfect day I would not slip on the carpeting and break my hip.  After the horseplay I would sample Christmas goodies in the form of cookies and various and plentiful baked goods provided by my Mom. Copious amounts of coffee would be available as a chaser.  My Mom can out-bake your Mom even if it is Christmas – sorry but that is how life works sometimes. 

To walk off the calories that had already been consumed, I would take a short walk outside in the crisp 58 degree air.  Since this is the perfect Christmas Day the calories consumed would be low and the calories burned would be high.  Jimmy would accompany me on the walk and for once he would not bark incessantly at dogs, people, air or subatomic particles.

Once the walk was complete and the calories burned off, a light lunch would be awaiting me upon my return.  It would be portions of spiral sliced ham and some smoked turkey that I would use to make a sandwich that would make Dagwood proud.  If you don’t understand that reference; try Googling the word “Dagwood” with your smart phone (or other connected device).

After the lunch was polished off a nap would be in order.  I would go to the new Florida room that Santa brought me for Christmas and would stretch out in the sun on the couch and nap and bask to my heart’s content.  Forgive me if I drool, it IS my perfect day.

Once I awoke from my nap, I would partake in a no holds barred game of Monopoly with the family.  In this perfect day scenario I would have the patience to play the game to its conclusion without getting tired or bored and of course would win.   After the game was over I would again find the couch for some relaxation and sipping a glass of fine wine in celebration.

Dinner time would roll around and the feast would be bountiful with ham, turkey and homemade smoked sausage from the family recipe among a vast array of rolls, desserts and maybe a vegetable or two.  Dinner would last quite a while as we sat around gabbing and talking trash.  Trash talking is fun as long as no one gets hurt physically or emotionally.  Since this is my ideal day, the dishes would be cleaned up and put away in a flash without the aid of my wife or anyone for that matter.

By now, this blog and my special day are both getting old so I would finish the day with quiet time in front of the fireplace with my sweetie.  I would say all the right things and my jokes would actually be funny.  We would fall asleep on the couch with little Jimmy Sad Eyes wedged in between us providing extra warmth.  Goodnight.

Merry Christmas to all.

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December 21, 2015 at 8:04 am

Taking Inventory At Christmas

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A new bicycle, with that attitude?

A new bicycle, with that attitude?

Don’t worry, this is not a soul-searching topic on my inner most thoughts as we near Christmas.  This is actually an inventory of facts I find mildly surprising about my Christmas experience up ‘til now.  It will be in the form of a list.  I love lists.

  • I have no recollection of having a real tree at Christmas. I remember when we got our artificial one (it was before we landed on the moon) but cannot recall a Christmas with a formerly live tree. Does this qualify me as a tree hugger?
  • I have never had a “beach” Christmas. All my Christmas days have been at home or at a relative’s home. I have no relatives who live on or near a beach.  Jimmy Buffett will have to invite me next year.
  • I have never had a “Blue” Christmas – sorry Elvis. That is a pleasant surprise.
  • I haven’t had a White Christmas since I moved to Georgia and surprisingly don’t miss it. I can always watch it on Netflix or Hulu. Not all my Christmases were white when I lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio either. My guess is about 20%-30% were green.
  • My tradition of using a decorated piece of toast as an ornament began shortly after college and I am surprised that it has not become a sensation.
  • I miss the old silver tree with the multi-color light wheel that my dad had at his filling station/repair shop. I think that “back in the day” it caused many a hippie to think they were on a bad trip. It surprises me that I miss that thing but it does not surprise me that 40% of the people reading this are asking someone to tell them what a filling station is.
  • I have fond memories of watching the “Blue-Grey” all star classic. It was a college football game and was a showcase for players from smaller schools or ones with losing records since any one from a larger school or a winning team would probably be getting ready for a bowl game elsewhere. I remember that to make games competitive they would allow any team that was down by 2 touchdowns to receive the kickoff after a score – even if they had just scored. I also liked the bizarre color combinations from the player using his own schools helmet with his blue or grey uniform. It was strangely odd but surprisingly I liked it. Maybe for the same reason people can’t look away from a traffic accident. My younger brother would watch it with me and that was cool.
  • I have never gone to a restaurant for Christmas dinner. Maybe that is not surprising. I think going to a restaurant for Christmas dinner is surprising.   Maybe the only people who go to Christmas dinner at a restaurant are like the family in the movie A Christmas Story. The dogs got the turkey! That father, despite his ability to weave a tapestry with his cussing was a cool customer.

I hope you have a great week and get that shopping done!

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December 14, 2015 at 8:01 am

Light Bulbs!

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I Contain Zero Mercury

I Contain Zero Mercury

I’ve never given much thought to light bulbs.  They are only something you think about when they are not working properly. They are like an offensive lineman in football.  You never pay them much attention until they get a penalty or allow a sack on the star quarterback.  Today I have been forced to give some thought to light bulbs and you probably are thinking that can’t be a good thing.  Other than providing blog topic fodder you are correct if you think that.

Here’s the story.  Last week the light bulb for my garage door opener went out and I didn’t give it much thought.  I knew I had to deal with it when I had the time.  Then early this week I noticed a bulb was out in my office ceiling light.  Later that day the ceiling light over the kitchen table went out.  By then it seemed strange that all these lights were going bad.  I took my last old-fashioned incandescent bulb and replaced the light in my office. Then I looked to see if I had any in the basement.  I did not.

I was in a fix it mood so I went to change the light bulb over the kitchen table with one of the new-fangled “green”, poisonous-mercury laden ones.   I have an ample supply of them in the kitchen pantry.  Mercury intermingled with my food stuffs?  I know, just as I was writing that sentence it occurred to me that a better place needs to be found for my mercury stash.  As I removed the burned out mercury light I realized it is a different type of light than the supply I have nestled in between the rice and quinoa.  (We have quinoa but never eat it. I don’t know why we have quinoa, but I like saying it at various times for no reason because it sounds funny. Kin Wah)

With my plans to have ample light over the kitchen table scuttled, I decided to change the bulb for the garage door opener when I realized I had at least two issues.  The first issue is; I don’t have any incandescent bulbs that are bright instantly.  The second issue is; if I install the poisonous bulb that s – l – o – w – l – y gets bright, will it endure the vibration from the motor of the garage door opener?  Incidentally, these bulbs are supposed to last longer – up to nine years on average.  Why is it that the incandescent bulb I replaced in my office has been there since before we moved into our house about five years ago and the long-lasting poisonous one over the kitchen table was installed two months after we moved in?   Where is my nine years?   My office light is in use much more than the light over the kitchen table. Hmmm.  That makes me want to say Quinoa.

Get yourself some Quinoa, you’ll be glad you did.  Have a great week.  

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December 7, 2015 at 8:01 am