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Jimmy Sad Eyes Turns 40!

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Still Got It!

Still Got it!


Jimmy Sad Eyes is not there yet but in early December he will be 40 years old in dog years. Since he is a rescue dog we do not know his exact date of birth but we estimate that it is in mid March 2010. Using the dog to human age converter of 1 human year is equal to 7 dog years that put his 40th birthday about eight and half months after mid March. I think we will celebrate on the first weekend in December.

Since he will be hitting the big four – oh I sat down with him recently and talked about his life and what turning 40 means to him. I hope you enjoy a rare glimpse into his life:

Me: Jimmy, I will cut to the chase. In a few months you will be turning 40, what are your thoughts as you reflect on your life as you hit this milestone?

Jimmy: First of all; my 40th birthday is several months away so I am guessing you needed a topic for your blog and decided to use the Jimmy Sad Eyes card.

Me: Yes, you got me on that one, but let’s not change the subject.

Jimmy: Okay, fair enough.  Sure, it does sneak up on you – you know; the age thing. I haven’t thought too much about it but it does make me realize that I am not a puppy anymore.

Me: Very true Jimmy but you are still cute.

Jimmy: You got that right; I don’t look a day over 20.

Me: Have you noticed that you are feeling the effects of getting older?

Jimmy: Sure, I am really having a hard time going on runs with Grandma that are longer than 8 miles. 8 miles is my limit now and I am not as good with the heat as I was just a couple of human years ago. My recovery time has gotten longer too. I really feel it in my back the next day.

Me: What about your outlook on life, any changes there?

Jimmy: Not really, I am the same for the most part. I don’t bark at little kids as much or at new things in the neighborhood but that is mostly because I am saving energy. I am still as ticked off but figure it is not worth the effort. I guess I pick my fights now.

Me: Really, so this is the kinder, less “rage-a-holic” Jimmy we are seeing?

Jimmy: You could say that.

Me: (I knew this was a loaded question but could not resist) Does this mellow attitude extend to the bad dog? [The bad dog is his arch nemesis down the street who has tangled with Jimmy and lost by the way and the grudge remains strong]

Jimmy:@!%BARK!! *&##$%!BARK!!

At this point the interview was over as I suspected it would be as Jimmy ran to the window and barked and growled. Some things never change – even at age 40. Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 24, 2015 at 9:25 am

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