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The Tools Of My Trade

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Meet the team

Meet the team


I launched this Blog almost six years ago on September 7th, 2009. Look for my six-year anniversary special in three weeks on September 7th. I haven’t worked out the final details but I will either have a free car give away or a scathing report about my feelings for the General Motors car company.

In the six years I have been writing this I have not given you an insider look at the tools of my trade. I am sure many of you are lying asleep at night wondering; “what does he use to Turn Things On End To Achieve Results!” Today is your lucky day. Below, I have assembled a short list of the essential items I need to make my magic happen. This is only a partial list due to the proprietary nature of my critically important work. You may find the list surprising.

  • Coffee and lots of it. As I have mentioned previously, I like an occasional dash of cinnamon in my grounds for a special treat and to ward of diabetes, heart disease or some such thing. I read it once in Prevention magazine so it must be true.
  • Plenty of corny jokes that I think are funny but no one else does. The secret is to tell them a lot so that the people laugh when you repeatedly tell them. They are not laughing at the joke but at the fact that I think it is funny. At least they laugh and that is all that matters – right? They are laughing with me I tell myself.
  • Donuts and pizza. Not necessarily together but it is not a bad combination. I find that if you get donuts or pizza for a client they laugh a little harder at your corny jokes.
  • High quality, butter-soft .7 millimeter lead for my mechanical pencil. Nothing can throw off my mojo more than hard lead. Not only does it affect the legibility of my writing but the feedback I get back in my writing hand sends a hateful message to my brain. It is hard to work with numbers when you are full of rage caused by bad lead. I am dead serious about this. A soft writing surface is also important. I like using an old desk calendar to achieve the optimum feel.
  • A 12 inch or longer straight edge backed by cork to deter slippage. Some people call this a ruler but it is much more than that. A good straight edge aids in detecting anomalies in financial data. How can I work if I my eyes are darting between lines? Are you with me?
  • Music is essential to maximize efficiency and for creating white noise to block out distractions. My choice for music is a blend of the classic rock I grew up on, mixed in with country, folk, jazz, 70’s funk and even a smattering of classical.
  • A good eraser. I prefer the Pentel click eraser I first used when I was cutting my teeth in a small accounting form in my home town. I have 2 blue ones – one for home and one for away games. I have had these for longer than I can remember but would not mind getting a new red one like I had decades ago but somehow lost. I miss “Red” and think about him every time I am in an office supply store and see a red one sitting on the shelf. You are never supposed to leave a man behind. He was a good eraser and that is all I am going to say about that.

I guess that is all I am willing to share. Have a great week.



Written by pacelinebiz

August 17, 2015 at 9:46 am

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