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Observations At A Minor League Baseball Game

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The National Pastime

The National Pastime

I went to a single A minor league baseball game between the Atlanta Braves affiliate and the Miami Marlins affiliate.  The game took place in Rome, Georgia which is about an hour away from my home.  Before I make my observations from the game let me say that Rome, Georgia is a nice town of about 35,000 residents that has several colleges.   Before the game we enjoyed a meal at the local Olive Garden restaurant.

At the game our seats were behind home plate in the second section but were very close to the action as were all the seats.  Fans up the base lines had to keep alert as several foul balls rocketed into the seats allowing for very little reaction time.  Our seats were $10 and if you attend a Sunday game you can get 4 tickets, 4 cokes, 4 bags of popcorn and 4 hot dogs for $40. I recommend you attend a minor league game this summer if you have a ballpark within an hour drive of your home.  It is a fun time and is inexpensive and it is baseball – especially for younger kids who can’t tell the difference.

Now some observations:

  • When the opposing pitcher can’t find home plate when tossing his warm up pitches between innings, you might want to keep your bat on your shoulder until he throws you a strike.  Why get yourself out?
  • Run out all fly balls.   This is the minor league and balls get dropped or lost in the sun, clouds or a pretty girl can cause a distraction.
  • Some people should never, under any circumstance, wear shorts.
  • Park your car as far away from the field as possible.  Foul balls can carry into the parking lot and windshields are expensive.
  • If your wife asks you what the infield fly rule is just make something up since she doesn’t know and explaining it will cause you to miss the next two home team at bats.
  • There is no way for a four-year old to eat cotton candy without everything within 3 feet getting sticky.
  • If a four-year old wants cotton candy do your best to sell them on a bag of peanuts or a blueberry snow cone.  Everyone in your section will thank you.
  • Snow cone means expensive frozen sugar-water in SOME language.

Have a great week and observe a minor league game near you.


Written by pacelinebiz

June 22, 2015 at 8:01 am

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