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My New Refrigerator Has An “Air Filter”

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Old reliable

Old Reliable – no filter

My new refrigerator has an air filter and a water filter.  The water filter is not new our 1998 vintage refrigerator had one.   I find it strange that the manufacturer built-in a water filter for my ice maker/water dispenser – what do they know about my tap water that they aren’t telling me?  Every year I get a water quality report from my water utility that assures me that my water has an acceptable level of arsenic in it.  The phrase; “acceptable level of arsenic” sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it?

Despite what you might be thinking, I am not focusing on refrigerator water filters today.  I am talking about the most recent abomination brought on by the recurring revenue craze – an air filter for your refrigerator.  I am willing to bet that the guy who decided to put an air filter in a refrigerator got a huge raise.  I also bet it was not someone in the R & D department looking for the latest way to better a product.  It was probably a guy like me looking at ways to increase revenues by creating a maintenance item that would need changed every six months.

Before I get into the numbers let me tell you that the air filter for my refrigerator serves no purpose in keeping the refrigerator running properly. It is an odor filter!  How clever.  The manufacturer says that the filter is fifteen times better at odor elimination than a box of baking soda.  For your convenience and to cause even more stress in your life there is a reminder that you need to change your filter that appears on the dash-board of the refrigerator.  This reminder lights up in bright red letters of course.  The reminder is not based on any scientific telemetry from a sensor determining the quality of the filter it is based on the passage of time or another silly metric like the number of times the door is opened. I advocate resetting the reminder when it comes on and changing the odor filter when YOU notice an odor.  Another option is to buy a box of baking soda for 99 cents and forget about your filter.  You can also clean your refrigerator once in a while and you will probably eliminate most of your odor problem.

Now let’s get back to the numbers.  At a big box store the water filter is about $30 and the air filter is about $15.  If you change them every six months like you are instructed to that would cost you $90 every year for the replacement parts. In ten years the filter replacement schedule would cost about as much as the damn refrigerator.  You might say to yourself; “wow the total cost of ownership of that model of refrigerator is ridiculous”.  If a car cost that much to maintain it would be last on the Consumer Reports annual ratings.  In case you are wondering, I looked at the Amazon price and it is about half as much versus the big box stores or buying direct from the manufacturer.

I have found that the water filter does need replaced about every 12-18 months depending on usage and water quality.  I think you can look at it in six months and if it is still not dirty looking you can check again every three months and change it once it is visibly dirty or brown/orange-colored.   I wonder if the orange stuff is the arsenic?

Have a great week if you can after reading about this nonsense.


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  1. My last water filter for my fridge was $49. I no longer change every 6 months. I do like my ice dispenser though.

    Kathy Murauskas

    June 9, 2015 at 6:25 am

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