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Turning Good Into Bad

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We Blew It!

We Blew It!

Note: For those who are counting, this is my 300th blog post, I hope you like it.

Today I want to discuss a situation that happened to me recently that can serve as a cautionary tale for business owners.  I went to a car wash with a free coupon and chose to upgrade to the more complete wash for $8 more.  This upgraded car wash would have been a $25 car wash without the coupon and they did a terrible job.  Dust was still clearly evident on the faceplate of the radio as well as the dashboard and no “new car smell” fragrance was present as promised and the windows were streaky.

The place was not very busy so they certainly had time to do a thorough job without causing long delays for other customers.   I did not have very high expectations but such glaring problems were unacceptable.   This only reinforced my belief that their service is overpriced.  If I was unhappy at the job they did for $8 how do they expect me to pay $25? Did this marketing effort to gain new business have the opposite effect?  Yes, it did.  I believe that the staff should have been made aware that I was a coupon customer and to make an extra special effort to do a good job since I was only sampling their services.  Since they did not pass the test how can they expect that I will come back?

The lesson we need to learn is don’t do promotions if it will do harm.  This good opportunity to create a new customer was a good thing that was turned into a bad thing by poor execution of the strategy by the team that washed my car.  Should they be doing a good job washing the cars no matter what – yes. Were they at fault – yes.  Do they need to take the blame for my negative experience – no!  Management should have made certain that my experience was a good one.  They failed for two reasons.  They clearly did not train the team that doing a good job on every car is essential but they also failed to communicate that they were auditioning for a new customer and to take extra care.  If management could have done one of those two things this blog would not have been written because I would have been satisfied with the job that was done.

The next time you decide to do a promotional campaign to increase your customer base, remember this lesson.  Don’t turn what was supposed to be a god thing into a bad thing.  In fact read a story of turning a bad thing into a good thing by clicking here.

Have a great week.


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