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Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

Before getting into today’s topic let me give my annual reminder that in the summertime I cut back on the business related topics.  I will publish a business topic on the first Monday of every month instead of every other Monday.  I will resume the normal schedule on Monday September 7th with a business topic.  This happens to be Labor Day and the latest day on which it can fall.  That means this year the unofficial summer – beginning on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day is 105 days long.  The tally of summer days looks like this; 7 days in May, 30 in June, 31 in July and August and 6 days in September with Summer Ending on Labor Day the 7th.

Speaking of summer; that is the topic of today’s blog.  Since I have already established it will be 105 days long, I thought I would give you a run-down of summer by the numbers this year.

1 – Today, Memorial Day the unofficial kick off to the summer season.  Have something on the grill to celebrate our freedom and remember the Veterans who served to provide it.

15 – The number of weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day – make them count!

24 – This summer, consumers will buy a lot of products that contain this many cans in the package. 

36 – This many days of summer will have elapsed on June 30th.

40 – Independence falls on day 40 of summer.  Be careful with the fireworks.

53 – Day 53 of summer falls on July 17th.  There are 52 days of summer before this day and 52 days of summer after this day.  The Mid-point of the unofficial summer is July 17th, are you getting nervous that summer is going too fast?

57 – The number of Heinz varieties, all of them can be delicious with a summer meal.

61 – The record for the number of home runs hit in a 162 game season by a non-steroid aided baseball player.  The record holder’s name is Roger Maris and I recognize his contribution to the game played by the “boys of summer”. Hank Aaron holds the career mark of 755.

68 – August 1st is the 68th day of unofficial summer.  Until I moved to Georgia, I always dreaded when August came because that meant time was running out and summer would soon be over.

75 – Happy Birthday!  You turn 75 today if you were born on August 8th 1940.  August 8th is the 75th day of unofficial summer.

80 – My preferred year round Fahrenheit temperature with a relative humidity of 50%.

97 – Reasons I can think of that summer is the best season.

105 – The number of days in the summer of 2015 – make everyone count.

Have a great summer it is finally here.


Written by pacelinebiz

May 25, 2015 at 8:01 am

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