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What To Do When Things Don’t Go As Expected

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I am not thinking pleasant thoughts

I am not thinking pleasant thoughts

Sometimes things don’t work out like you would want.  You can accept that fact and respond by making the best of the situation (make lemonade out of lemons like I advocate) or you can let it bother you.  People who know me well understand that I always try to make things work out for the best*.  For today’s blog I will try my best to think of ways to react if you let it bother you.  Please be mindful this will be difficult since letting things bother me is such a foreign concept.  Below is a list of ten ways to react to the normal bumps in the road that you encounter.

  • Try imagining the demise of the person place or thing that was the cause of your inconvenience. If you incorporate boiling oil, dynamite or a locust swarm in your evil thoughts you get bonus points.
  • Use your limited vocabulary in sign language to express your displeasure with the offending person, place or thing.
  • Stomp your feet and shake your fist in the air until your face turns beet red. If you pull a muscle while doing this you know you are doing it right.
  • Take your bad luck out on the person that loves you the most. That makes sense and they probably deserve it since they love you.
  • Yell at subordinates at work. This might get you fired and then you will really have something to be mad about.
  • Internalize it until all of your pent-up frustration blows up in spectacular fashion and you get on YouTube. See, now you are famous so your strategy worked.
  • Immediately break something valuable – more bonus points awarded if it is your hand or your favorite technology device.
  • Kick something really hard. Breaking your leg or ankle in the process will really prove your point.
  • Here is a simple one everybody can do since it does not involve kicking or stomping – just let it ruin your day.
  • Hold a grudge, boycott the person place or thing or vow revenge and set about your plot to get even. This may be useful because it may distract you from your anger but your quest for revenge may not be deemed as “healthy” – or so say those in the psychiatric community.

Have a great week responding appropriately when things go awry.

*If you believe this you do not know me well.  However I am trying to improve.  For example, this blog was the product of a last-minute cancelled meeting.



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