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A spheroid, not a rhombus


For four of the past five years I have written about March madness at about this time of year.  This year I am going to break the cycle. There is no reason for me to continue talking about brackets and Cinderella teams and who will be crowned the champion on April 6th. I will refrain from mentioning that selection Sunday will be on the Ides of March and the tip-off of the “first four” games is on St. Patrick’s Day in Dayton, Ohio.

The fact that the tournament expanded in recent years to 68 teams and has a cutesy “first four” and “final four” book end theme to it is also not worth noting. I never understood how my mighty Pitt Panthers were routinely placed in the western or southern bracket. Maybe this is why they have had such bad luck and have underperformed in the tournament.

If find it rather unremarkable and barely worth mentioning that this year the distance between the “first four” games in Dayton, Ohio and the “final four” games in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium is a measly 115 miles apart on Interstate 70. That 115 miles is a far cry from the distance from the 4 regional championship locations. If you are the East regional champ you will travel from Syracuse New York, from Cleveland, a robust 315 miles, if you are the Midwest champ. You will depart from Houston if you prevail from the South region and all the way from L.A. in the West region.

Can anyone explain to me how the Midwest usurped the North region’s right to representation in the tournament? Is Minneapolis, Milwaukee or Marquette, Michigan not north enough to qualify? I suppose this is not worth questioning but it does give me mild agita when I take the time to think about it. In case you are the least bit interested you may want to see some key tournament dates which can be found by clicking here.

Now on to today’s interesting topic – is a rhombus a diamond in the rough or just a square…

Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

March 16, 2015 at 8:01 am

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