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When Disaster Strikes

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I should have known better

I should have known better

The last time it happened was October 31, 2011 and I told you about it.  It happened again today and I am going to warn you again of this menace.   Coffee spills on your desk.  Yes, that seemingly benign cup of steaming slurry of coffee beans can rush over your desk and take no prisoners.  It is an equal opportunity destroyer.  It will engulf a useless note from 3 years ago or a well-crafted, hand written memo to a client that you saved because it was so brilliant.  (I am waiting to write one of those by the way.)

This is how it went down. (Nice pun)  I was writing at my desk and was moving some random objects out of my way to make some space when I knocked over the cup of coffee.  One thing I have learned from this experience is to be careful of the choice of cup you use.  If it is the cup of standard size and shape that is your best bet.  That shape is roughly about a three-inch diameter base with a height of three and a half inches.  That is a very safe height to base (H:B) ratio of 1.17 when determining spill probability.

The evil vessel I was using had a skimpy base of two and a half inches and a horrific height of six inches.  The height to base ratio of that cup is an astounding 2.4.  That is not a cup; that is a glass!  What was I thinking?  I should not have taken that anywhere near my desk.  At least I have finally learned to avoid coffee cups with an H:B ratio greater than 1.17.

The first thing that should have warned me to avoid this cup was the warning contained on its side.  You can view the cup in the picture at the top of the page.  This was a Christmas gift from my youngest sister several years ago.   I don’t blame her, how could she have known…

Have great week.  I know I will. I am sure things will begin to look up for me after this disaster.



Written by pacelinebiz

March 2, 2015 at 8:01 am

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