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Mid February Thoughts

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Cherry Blossom

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Do you hear that? I do. It is the rumbling of MLB’s spring training. This week pitchers and catchers begin to report. This is a great time of year. Not only if you are a baseball fan but if you are a fan of warmer weather then this is a sign that warmer days are ahead. All of you snow skiers can tune me out, the rest of you come on with me and let’s take a look at what we can expect encounter after winter is over. Depending on your latitude, shirt-sleeve weather is anywhere from 4-8 weeks away. Below is a list of some simple things I look forward to that money can’t buy.

  • The warm heat of the afternoon sun on my back as I relax on the deck
  • Driving with the windows down, drinking in the sights and sounds of people coming out of hibernation
  • My first glass of sun tea – the first one always tastes the best
  • Catching an unexpected whiff of someone in the neighborhood grilling red meat – such a pleasing aroma
  • Kids running around outside with gusto, unfortunately this is becoming a rarity
  • People working outside, doing yard work, cleaning out their garage or washing their cars
  • Depending on where you live, you might see a backyard campfire and smell the smoke and maybe the food cooking
  • Cars loaded down with bikes, a boat or camper headed out to the great wide open for a visit with mother-nature
  • Stopping at the roadside ice cream shack or burger joint

Those are few things I am looking forward to besides baseball. A change of season is always nice especially when you are going from a season that is not your favorite to one that is. Have a great week.



Written by pacelinebiz

February 16, 2015 at 8:05 am

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