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Holidays In 2015

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Have a Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year

It is 2015 and for some reason there is not much anticipation for the upcoming year.  There is no presidential election or Olympics or other similar events that will shape the year.  We are half way through the current decade and I am hoping that 2015 is a boring year.  After the great recession and the events that unfolded since, I think we all could use an uneventful 12 months.

As I took a look ahead I noted the following after reviewing the calendar:

  • Valentine’s day is on a Saturday so that is good for most of us but disappointing for restaurant’s who will miss out on a big night since Saturday is already their best night for business.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is on a Tuesday so tavern owners will be happy to get a nice bump in weeknight sales but employers may notice a drop in productivity.
  • Memorial Day is on May 25th which is somewhat early but it means we kick off summer a little early and I am all for that.
  • Some bad news; July 4th falls on a Saturday and this means many employees will lose the holiday.
  • The unofficial end of the summer season, Labor Day, falls as late as possible on September 7th.  With an early Memorial Day and a Late Labor Day the summer season is very long this year.  Let’s hope for good weather.
  • Thanksgiving falls on the 26th which is a bit on the late side so the Christmas shopping season will be somewhat abbreviated.  With the proliferation of internet shopping I believe that the importance of the Black Friday kick off to the Christmas shopping season has been lessened.
  • Finally, there is some more good news.  Christmas this year and New Year’s 2016 will fall on a Friday which is a great set up for a long weekend for most people.

My best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.



Written by pacelinebiz

January 5, 2015 at 8:01 am

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