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Trust But Verify

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Just checking

Just checking

This topic is related to one from October 2014 called Crime Does Pay. In this story I am not certain a large business was playing tricks but this is a cautionary tale that needs told. In early October we decided to replace our 17-year-old refrigerator with a new one. We actually got lucky that we started our search during Georgia’s tax free weekend for certain energy-saving appliances. Our new refrigerator qualified so we saved about $70 on sales tax – woo hoo! That was one of the good things that happened. Another money savings opportunity was a promotion to get an additional 4% in cash back from our credit card company if we purchased products on-line from various retailers. We were able to do all of this while still getting the best deal and the refrigerator we wanted.

Now it is time for the cautionary tale. A few weeks later our credit card statement was ready for download and I did so and began to check off receipts in hand with charges on our credit card. (If you do not do this you should begin immediately.) As I finished this I looked at the cash back amount and noticed something was wrong, terribly wrong. It appeared, quite obviously, that our extra 4% was not credited to us.

“Here comes the ugly conversation”; I thought to myself as I reached for the phone. I made my call and talked with a customer service representative and after she could not help, she transferred me to her supervisor. She understood my problem and was cooperative but did not have the authority to adjust my account. As I began with the supervisor she quickly saw the problem and agreed to credit my account without a fuss. The story was over with a happy ending and some fodder for a blog topic as a bonus.

The takeaway is to trust but verify. You need to pay attention to all aspects of your bill before you pay it and maintain the records to do so. I don’t know if their “mistake” was intentional or not but if I wasn’t paying attention they would have made an extra $50 from a retailer at my expense.

Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 29, 2014 at 8:01 am

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