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I Will Eat This If I Must

I Will Eat This If I Must

The time from Halloween through the end of the year is a tough time for my waistline and I assume is for many Americans. Sampling ahead of time and finishing off the left over candy from Halloween begins the assault on good eating habits. It also coincides with the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder. This reduces my outdoor activities and riding my bike becomes a less frequent activity which adds to the likelihood of weight gain.

After the last Kit Kat and Milk Dud from Halloween is eaten; Thanksgiving is on the horizon – another food-centered  holiday.  Of course this cycle happens every year but I apparently can’t seem to learn from past mistakes. Pumpkin pie, turkey with gravy combined with stuffing AND mashed potatoes sound like a well-rounded meal – for the recently well-rounded me. Well-rounded like weebles. You remember weebles, they wobble but don’t fall down. Speaking of falling down, let’s not forget the occasional hot toddy or delicious wine to go with that meal which is even more calories to pack on the pounds.

After Thanksgiving is over, it is on to the company Christmas party and all the other Christmas parties held in December. Cookies are abundant as the production is ramped up for the big day. Sampling of the products is a duty I perform with a great amount of care. If I have to gain a few pounds in the name of quality control then so be it. After Christmas is over there is all the chocolates we received as gifts from friends, family and customers that we need to attend to. It would not be right if we did not polish these gifts off before the super bowl. It is a responsibility that I discharge with as much skillful care as I do the quality control testing of the Christmas cookies. When I am asked how the chocolate covered peanuts tasted I want to be able to tell the truth. It is an honorable trait like George Washington and his inability to tell a lie.

By mid January the reality of the holiday feasting has settled on me and my waistline and I spend the next two months correcting the damage I did to myself by working out and trying to shed a few pounds in time to get back outside on my bike. Then after 6 months of dutiful riding, we repeat the process. Apparently my memory does not last more than 6 months.  Maybe I can refer back to this blog every so often so I don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Have a great week suffering for the sake of quality control.



Written by pacelinebiz

November 17, 2014 at 8:01 am

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