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Why Do You Keep Trying To Kick That Football Charlie Brown?

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Nothing Will Stop Me

Nothing Will Stop Me

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, let me give a brief summary. Charlie Brown, the comic strip character is repeatedly fooled by the Lucy Van Pelt character into believing she will hold the football while he attempts to kick it.  She never does and always pulls it away at the last-minute.

We can learn some things from Charlie Brown that we can apply to our businesses. Listed in the paragraphs below are a few reasons that we should consider.

He has determination in the belief that regardless of Lucy’s actions he will be able to get that ball in the air. He believes he can overcome.  He knows what Lucy has done in the past but he believes in himself more than he does in the adversary.  How many times are you willing to get off the ground after an adversary beats you?  Charlie hasn’t stopped yet – why should you?  Is your biggest adversary your own doubts?

He has a positive view of people. Maybe he keeps trying to teach Lucy a lesson.  Perhaps she will realize that he is not stupid or gullible but that she is the one that needs to change?  A good leader should believe in his people and be willing to go all out to transform them despite the cost.  He may make Lucy the next team leader after seeing what he has done.  Perhaps she can pass this leadership lesson off to her younger brother Linus and jump-start his success?  

He can see the big picture. Maybe he will never teach the lesson to Lucy but maybe he will be able to show his sister Sally or Peppermint Patty the lesson of his determination as they watch from afar.  Seeing the big picture is a great trait to have as a business owner. Never get myopic vision when wading through the details of your business.

These are just a few things to consider when looking at the drama that unfold every time Charlie Brown lines up to kick the ball. I am sure if you think a bit you can draw some inspiration from him as well.

Have a great week overcoming the “Lucy” in your life.


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