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November 3rd Since 1900

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On this date in history...

On this date in history…

Check out the full list of events on November 3rd in history here.

 I have cherry-picked picked a handful of items that caught my attention after 1900 and will add a snarky comment to some of them as I see fit. 

  • 1900       1st US automobile show opens at Madison Square Garden 

                             (It must have been a blast with all 3 cars that existed. They were still calling it a horseless carriage.)

  • 1911       Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T.
  • 1913       The USA introduces an income tax.

                            (Shortly thereafter the IRS was created – the law of unintended consequences.)

  • 1917       1st class US mail now costs 3 cents per ounce

                            (If annual inflation was about 2.95% over those 97 years a stamp should cost 49 cents – and does!)

  • 1926       Ty Cobb resigns as Detroit Tigers manager
  • 1930       Bank of Italy becomes Bank of America

                            (I would like to know the full story behind this one.)

  • 1931       1st commercially produced synthetic rubber manufactured
  • 1934       Although Lou Gehrig wins Triple Crown, Mickey Cochrane wins AL MVP

                             (I bet Lou was asking; “Gee whiz, what’s a guy got to do to win the MVP?”)

  • 1937       Maurice Archambaud bicycles world record for distance in one hour (45.796 km)

                             (The dude was flying. That is over 28 miles an hour and he was on a clunker that weighed 50 pounds and had square wheels.  They were using performance enhancing drugs even back them.  He was hopped up on espresso.)

  • 1942       Despite Ted Williams winning Triple Crown, Yanks Joe Gordon wins AL MVP

                             (I guess Ted Williams was in good company for getting snubbed – see Lou Gehrig above.)

  • 1952       Clarence Birdseye markets frozen peas
  • 1953       1st live color coast-to-coast telecast (NYC)
  • 1955       Alabama woman bruised by a meteor

                            (BRUISED? That was one tough woman.  If you drop a pencil off a 3 story building doesn’t it have enough force to plow through 100 feet of concrete?  This came from a Klingon moon or something and she just shook it off and rubbed dirt on it.)

  • 1956       “Wizard of Oz” 1st televised (CBS-TV)
  • 1960       Pittsburgh Pirates’ Vern Law wins Cy Young Award
  • 1968       NY Jet Jim Turner kicks 6 field goals to beat Buffalo 25-21

                            (Pardon me, but 6 field goals adds up to only 18 points so I think he had some help people.)

  • 1971       “Play Misty For Me” premieres

                             (I only include this in the faint hopes you will think I know something besides sports.)

  • 1975       Good Morning America premieres on ABC 
  • 1978       1st broadcast of “Diff’rent strokes” on NBC TV
  • 1980       Ianford Wilsons “5th of July,” premieres in NYC

                              (See, more “culture.”)

  • 1983       Jesse Jackson launches his 1st campaign for presidency (D)

                             (I actually saw him give a campaign speech in 1984 at the University of Pittsburgh. I was skeptical he could beat out that juggernaut of Fritz Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro.)

  • 1987       Oakland 1st baseman Mark McGwire wins AL Rookie of Year

                             (Back then steroids were good for you!)

  • 1989       Lou Piniella is named manager of the Reds, replacing banned Pete Rose
  • 1992       Bill Clinton (D) wins US presidential election over President Bush (R)
  • 1997       Boston shortstop Nomar Garciaparra is 6th unanimous AL Rookie of Year

Have a great week making some history of your own. I promise I will keep the snark to a minimum.


Written by pacelinebiz

November 3, 2014 at 8:01 am

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  1. Best of all, November 3, 1942 was my parents wedding day.

    Kathy Murauskas

    November 3, 2014 at 10:21 am

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