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Crime Does Pay

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Crime does pay

Crime does pay

This is a true story and has a good ending – the good guy wins. I am the good guy.  It is a story about standing up for what is right and not being intimidated by a big company with a team of lawyers.  The story also has a bad ending in that the moral of the story is: crime DOES pay.  This is my story.

Several months ago I signed a contract with a large national company for internet and phone service for my business. I have a digitally signed copy of the contract in pdf format.  It is only a 4 page contract.  My most recent bill arrived and I noticed that there was an increase in the amount so I scanned the bill to see what had gone up.  I quickly discovered it was a $3 increase for the modem lease plus various taxes which amounted to an additional $3.18 – for the next 20 months I supposed.

Step one was to review the contract which I did and did not see any language that allowed for an increase. Step two was to email the local rep who handled the agreement.    I emailed him and got a quick reply that stated; “That is an increase that has happened across the board. It is the only price that can change.  Charges for service will not change.  I believe there is a line in the agreement stating such.  Let me know if you have any questions.”

Step three was to ask the rep where that line in the agreement was since I could not find it. That email was met with no reply and after about a week I moved to Step four.  Call the customer service 800 number.  I was not looking forward to that one bit.

When I called the 800 number I got the run around and was transferred to the contract department when I would not accept his vague assurances that the language was indeed in the contract. So step five was transferring me to the contract department.

At step five I was nearing the end of the line, and was greeted by a person in the contract department. She asked me my account number which is ridiculous since I already entered it on the key pad of my phone before I spoke to any human being and again when I talked to the customer service rep. After I gave her my account number and she pulled up my account, she tried to stiff arm me by telling me it was on page four and I called her on that because the line she referred to did not mention anything about an allowable increase.  She then put me on hold and after about a minute came back and said I was right and that she would credit my account.

After eighteen minutes on the phone (which is not really as bad as I thought it would be) I moved to step six – celebration. I just hope that I don’t have to make the call again when I see the charge magically re-appear on the next bill.  The moral of the story is; crime does pay because I don’t think that many people would notice an increase and if they did would they press on each time after getting the stiff arm from the company?  If they have a million customers how many would take the time to cross the finish line?  I doubt many would so that is roughly an extra $3 million of revenue each month.

I hope you enjoyed my story and have learned something. Have a great week standing up for your principles.


Written by pacelinebiz

October 27, 2014 at 8:01 am

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