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Why I Love Autumn

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Typical Fall View Out Any Window

Typical Fall View Out Any Window

I don’t love autumn and summer is my favorite time of year.  Now that I got that out-of-the-way, let me tell you why I really am fond of autumn – especially now that I live in Georgia.  When October rolls around, the cooler temperatures are welcomed.  Okay, maybe it is still in the 70’s but after a summer that starts in mid-April and continues through September I am actually ready to transition into the off-season of bicycle riding.  Maybe just 2 or 3 days a week is enough bicycle riding time for a while.  With the extra time I can introduce myself to that lady that lives in my house.  People keep referring to her as my wife.  She seems really nice and I DO think she is cute.

So what else about autumn do I like?  The change in color of the leaves is nice, the grass stops growing and turns brown and I don’t have to cut it.  That might be my favorite thing about autumn.  The Bermuda grass that is popular here goes dormant from about mid-October to mid-April – what a bonus.  It usually is not very cold even into late autumn a sweater of long-sleeved shirt is enough to stay warm.  I have a lot of warm weather clothes that I only need for about 3 months a year so it is nice to wear something different.  If I am not working, I wear shorts from April until the end of October.  It is a little bit strange wearing blue jeans after eight months in shorts.

I also like the subtle change in foods we eat.  We typically eat more food like stew, soup or chili once it cools down.  We also use the oven more often so we can have roasted turkey or chicken.  If we are doing that, I can have a baked potato which I really like and don’t get very often when it is warmer.  We also might have hot chocolate or spiced apple cider. Of course, that brings to mind pumpkin pie with a nice scoop of ice cream and a coffee chaser.

The thing I like the most about autumn is the slower pace that life tends to take.  This is because I have more idle time since I am not on the bicycle as much or cutting the grass and doing yard work.   The shorter days keep me inside doing different things which are typically more cerebral and less physical and that contributes to the slower pace.  Get the thought of me sitting in the study in my smoking jacket holding a snifter of diet coke out of your head.

Well, that is the best case I can make for my fondness of the autumn season.  I hope you can enjoy the season this week.


Written by pacelinebiz

October 20, 2014 at 8:01 am

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