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Always Give 100%

Always Give 100%

This topic came about during a discussion I had at a meeting in which someone was giving a presentation to a smaller than expected audience.  I commented to someone after the meeting that the presenter did a very good job and gave his A+ effort even though the crowd was light.  From that comment we both decided that the best rule to follow is to always give your A+ effort.

To take this one step further I related it to working on a new customer that is smaller in terms of your sales revenue. I was speaking with a financial planner and suggested that if a new client had a modest $5,000 amount of money to invest it would be in the planner’s best interest to give it 100% despite the smaller amount. I thought it could be a test to see if they are capable to handle a larger amount or to see if there is good chemistry in the relationship.  Another reason to give 100% effort is it could result in a referral that could be of a significant size.  This applies to anyone no matter the field.  It may be hard to get excited to put forth your best effort at all times but when you are tempted to “mail it in” remember you might be auditioning for a larger amount.

This is basic stuff but we need to keep this in mind so we don’t blow our chance at a big score by doing less than our best when we think our new customer is small potatoes. I know I will try to reflect back to this conversation the next time I see a “small fry” coming my way.

Have a great week, doing it well no matter how big or small it is.




Written by pacelinebiz

October 13, 2014 at 8:01 am

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