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Ten Threats To The NFL And The Sport Of Football

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Ignore me at your peril

Ignore me at your peril

If the NFL, NCAA and other stakeholders of the football empire can’t figure out very soon how to make the game safer, improve their reputation and on-field product while addressing threats from other sports I believe it could disappear.  Below are my reasons why (in no particular order):

  1. High schools and then colleges will drop the sport due to increase in liability insurance costs and the pipeline for talent will dry up.
  2. Popularity of other sports such as soccer – the original “football”.
  3. Bad publicity from concussions and aging stars suffering with brain trauma.
  4. Changes made to make the game safer will lessen its popularity and it will no longer resemble the sport that was once so popular. People will not spend billions on two-hand touch football – people want to see wrecks at auto races and football players getting “blown up”.
  5. Greed will reach a tipping point making it unaffordable to the masses to attend games in person and a pay per view model will also hasten the end.
  6. Bad publicity from actions of 20-year-old millionaires behaving like spoiled, entitled 20-year-old millionaires will alienate the fans who face an uncertain job market and prospects for a better life. Resentment will surely follow.
  7. An inevitable gambling scandal will further alienate fans.
  8. Continued perception of arrogance by the commissioner’s office, owners and players will also alienate the fan base.
  9. Increased commercials and the proliferation of advertising on the field, uniforms and anywhere else imaginable will further ruin the fan experience.
  10. Baseball, the true national pastime will surge in popularity as the level of play from more countries supplying talent will increase.  The technology will soon arrive to better umpire games which will speed up games to a more desirable pace of play. Did you think I was going to name 10 threats and not mention baseball?

Perhaps, I am wrong in my assessment. Time will tell. Have a great week enjoying post season baseball.


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