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Coming Soon To Your Local Fast Food Restaurant

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That was extra mayo and onions, right?

There has been much discussion lately for a push to increase the minimum wage to as much as $15 per hour. This is above wheat many people currently earn and would seem like a great idea if you were making less than $15 an hour. For this topic today I don’t want to argue for or against a $15 minimum wage rate. What I want to explore is what effect that would have on jobs that are paying at or slightly above the current federal minimum wage of $7.25.

Specifically, I have been wondering why quick service restaurants such as McDonald’s don’t already have cashiers at their restaurants replaced with a hand-held device that can take orders and process payments at the table where you will consume the food? Perhaps they can design a system that lets you do this once you are signed on to their Wi-Fi using your mobile device. That would be cool. They don’t even pay for technology they can piggy back on your smart phone, tablet or other connected device.

I can think of several advantages:

  • This will decrease order errors due to misunderstandings and will guarantee better attention to detail in placing the order. I say guarantee because I am sure you care more about your sandwich not having onions and mayo on it than the typical person taking your order in the current system.
  • I will no longer be fuming while I stand in line waiting for my food to arrive – hopefully without onions and mayo. I can relax at my table and talk trash with my companions or surf the web with blazing fast Wi-Fi on my smart phone. Before I know it my order is delivered by an employee and the only worry is that the guy who made my burger was able to keep onions and mayo off my burger. See, the new order system eliminates one level of possible error.
  • More efficient use of square footage in the restaurant. Restaurant designers will no longer have to devote an area for customers to stand in line and order/wait. Less waiting area means there can be a bigger area for people to dine. More revenue, same square footage is a nice equation. Maybe this will lead to lower costs to the consumer?
  • Less labor costs by eliminating slow, human order takers with the new, streamlined system. This would lead to lower costs to the consumer and perhaps extra dollars spent in R & D making products slathered with cheddar cheese and topped with bacon low-calorie AND healthy. Sounds like a win anyway you look at it.

If the labor costs went to $15 an hour I wonder if this might hasten the implementation of my great ideas? Probably not, I am just talking crazy. Have a good week


Written by pacelinebiz

September 29, 2014 at 8:01 am

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