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The Good Old Days

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cursive hand writing

cursive hand writing

What I miss about the good old days – a list for your enjoyment.

  • Butter was good for you, so were cigarettes.
  • Ordering something from the catalog and waiting 3 weeks for it to arrive with shipping and handling.  Half of the fun was the waiting.
  • A Coke for your toddler was good since it was loaded with the natural sugar that they craved.
  • The convenience of a pay phone just a few miles down the street and you got 3 minutes for a dime.
  • No fighting over fast food choices, it was easy to pick between McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Yeah that’s right fried chicken was good for you too.
  • No diet pop except for Fresca but that was for old ladies.
  • Practicing your cursive handwriting and staying between the lines.  I got a C in writing in 6th grade and my teacher was more heartbroken over it than I was.  Apparently, I did not understand the ramifications of poor penmanship.  I somehow managed to stay out of prison. (so far)
  • Bread and butter at every school lunch and after everyone had eaten they offered seconds on a first come, first served basis.  That seems like a reasonable approach to me.  My great-Aunt worked in the cafeteria and you can bet your butt I got seconds if I wanted it.  Nepotism is underrated.
  • Watching the NFL highlights show on Monday night was great, you could see a play or two from most of the games played the day before.  It was way better than watching newsreels at the “movie show” like my dad and his pals.
  • Getting a full size grocery bag full of candy on Halloween.  Candy was good for you too back then.
  • A BB gun for your 7th birthday.  Who needs 2 eyes anyhow?  Pirates only needed 1 good eye and they got around pretty well – even with 1 wooden leg.

Have a great week suffering through the drudgery of life with Smart phones, ESPN and Amazon.



Written by pacelinebiz

August 25, 2014 at 8:01 am

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  1. Something in addition to cursive is shorthand. Does anyone, anywhere do that anymore? A nice trip down memory lane. A lot of things could have been added on to this (e.g. typewriters, 8-track, vinyl, etc.) but I digress:)…

    Wally Ziprik, CPA

    August 25, 2014 at 9:29 am

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