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NFL 2014

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The NFL season kicks off on Thursday night September 4th with 2013 champs Seattle hosting Green Bay and the rest of the league tees it up on Sunday September 7th.  This year marks the 15th year I have not cared much about the NFL.  I really can’t watch the game since there is no longer a defense or much of a running game.  The rules are slanted towards allowing the passing game to flourish and I decided long ago that I was not going to waste my time on something that doesn’t interest me.

Despite my disinterest, the NFL is more popular than ever so a blog about the upcoming season is not a bad idea.  With that said let’s get psyched for some hard hitting and bone crushing action.  Some things to watch this season are the antics of Johnny Manziel, the rookie quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.  It seems strange that Cleveland has LeBron James in basketball and Johnny football in football.  To quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A Changin”

As I write this, there has been some rumor and innuendo of the Raiders packing their bags and plundering San Antonio for a better deal than Oakland can give them.  For some reason, if they aren’t in Oakland, San Antonio seems like a perfect fit for the Raiders.   Heck, even the geography works as they will still be close enough to their rivals in the AFC west.   The distances from Oakland to its AFC west rivals versus the distance from San Antonio to its rivals is less and is shown below (in miles):

  Oakland to: San Antonio to:
Denver 939 802
San Diego 452 1,128
Kansas City 1,496 704
Total miles 2,887 2,647


Looking ahead to the finale, which is what matters to most people, the Super Bowl will be played In Glendale Arizona, site of the 2008 Super Bowl which was won by the NY Giants who ended the dreams of a perfect season for the New England Patriots 17-14.  The date of the game is February 1, 2015.  There are only 167 days between the publish date of this blog post and the Super Bowl.  Start planning that party, the game doesn’t matter it is all about the commercials anyways.

Have a great week watching preseason football.



Written by pacelinebiz

August 18, 2014 at 8:01 am

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