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Business Lessons On A Bike Ride

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Hydration For Exercise

I was riding my bike earlier this summer on the silver comet trail and came across a boy and his mom selling energy drink and water. They had a sign right by where they were stationed but no other signs in either direction. As I went past them I thought to myself that they really were missing the potential for more sales. If they would alert potential customers that there were out on the trail perhaps with signs at busy trail heads the riders could take money with them when they unload from their cars in case they need some liquid refreshment.

On my way back I had been thinking about this and thought I would stop and give the lad a lesson about marketing his business. I got off the trail and talked to them about my thoughts and they were very receptive to the idea. They brought up the issue of whether or not the ranger that patrols the trail would allow a lot of signage and I agreed they would have to ask him first. I countered that obstacle with a solution of committing to being there are on a regular basis and have it on their sign so people would at least be aware of their business hours and could plan to take money with them on their rides just in case. If most people are like me, they do not bother to carry any cash since there is really nowhere to spend it – until now.

As I rode off feeling like I did my good deed for this young entrepreneur I realized one thing. I learned a lesson from this young man. He took my advice to heart without any negative response. It did not hurt his ego or pride and that is the lesson. Many times when we are told of a better way to do something we take it the wrong way and reject it because of ego or because it was not our idea. Perhaps I will be working for this young entrepreneur in 10 years when he has a beverage empire.

Have a great week getting your message out so customers know you are available to satisfy their needs and remember to follow good advice without letting your ego get in the way.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 4, 2014 at 8:01 am

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