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Things We Do When Bored At Work

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What's for lunch?

What’s for lunch?

One slow summer afternoon at work in the early 90’s, a co-worker and I were bored with the exciting world of auditing and needed a diversion. Since this was before the internet was broadly available to people outside of the tight circle of friends of Al Gore, the creator of the internet, we had few options to pass the day.

If we were going to goof off, we decided that we would at least be somewhat productive. So we naturally created a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet (yes, Lotus 1-2-3 NOT excel) that would randomly select our lunch destination when we were not in agreement on where to go or had no preference – which was very often. Back then I have no idea what we used to do this other than we used the random number generator formula.

I decided to try this again using Excel just before I wrote this which is how I decided upon this topic. I am happy to report that I was able to do it in about a minute or two using the RANDBETWEEN function and a VLOOKUP. It is really pretty simple so everyone should do it.

Below I have attached a picture of the spreadsheet with the formulas showing rather than the cell contents so you can see how it is built. You can have formulas show in a worksheet by selecting the excel options/advanced/”display options for this worksheet” and then check the box to activate this option.

The Secret Sauce Revealed

The Secret Sauce Revealed

I hope you have a great week and when you get bored, I gave you one less thing to do to ruin your productivity.


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