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Ranch Dressing, The New Ketchup

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Where's the ranch?

Where’s the ranch?

For some reason there has been a disturbing trend of using Ranch dressing as a condiment on everything. I have noticed this for probably 10 years and it continues as the junk food purveyors give the people what they want. There are numerous ranch based combos for chips like chipotle-ranch or bacon-ranch. It is the number one salad dressing by a wide margin and I honestly believe it is becoming as much of a “go to” condiment as ketchup.

Ranch dressing is used as a dip for carrots and other crunchy vegetables and I can understand that one. There are so many ways it is being used now that it is getting ridiculous. People are now dipping their pizza in the stuff. I am sure there already are many pizza shops that have a ranch dressing pizza. It is now popular to use it on French fries, hamburgers, sandwiches and potato chips.

I draw the line with French fries. If you put ranch dressing on French fries you either don’t like French fries or just really need an excuse to deliver ranch dressing to your pie-hole. What is next, ranch licorice? The bad thing about this trend is that regular ranch dressing is loaded with calories from fat. This is not a good trend especially with the obesity epidemic we have in the United States.

I suspect that this is a somewhat age-based craze. The younger you are the higher the likelihood of your usage of ranch dressing on anything other than a salad. Don’t get me wrong, I like ranch dressing on a salad but it is not my first choice perhaps it is my number three favorite. If I were to guess what the next dressing to be used in strange food combinations it would be honey-mustard. I have seen that as a dipping sauce for chicken for some while now. Look out ranch here comes Honey-Mustard!

Have a great week and enjoy a ranch Slurpy to refresh you on a hot summer day.


Written by pacelinebiz

June 16, 2014 at 8:01 am

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