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Life After Google

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Google* - not intended to infringe on the Wordmark

Google* – not intended to infringe on the Wordmark

Google began in March 1996 and has transformed the way find information and made somethings obsolete.   Below is my small list I thought of for this topic. 

  • Phone books are a waste of time.  I haven’t used one in many years
  • Arguments end fast by “Googling” the correct answer
  • You don’t need a memory.  Want to know the actor’s name who portrayed the lead character in Mr. Terrific, the short-lived 1960’s TV show.  Google it and you find out that it was Stephen Strimpell as Stanley Beamish.  Yes, that is need to know information.
  • Find a restaurant or get directions?  No need for a map you can’t re-fold the right way, Google has it right there on your computer.  I bought a road Atlas in about 1994 and used it a couple of times and then the internet and Google made it obsolete.
  • No need to dial 347-7751 to get the time and temperature since you can get it on Google on your smart phone if you don’t already have an “app” for that.  That could be another blog – Life After “Apps”.
  • I don’t have to call one of my skilled brothers to tell me how to change my lawnmower blades.  I can just Google that and I will be directed to Google’s multimedia arm and someone on YouTube will tell me in “living color” and I can replay it until I figure it out.  Are you old enough t know what “in living color” was all about?  I am not talking about the TV show from the early 90’s.  If you don’t know anything about that TV show – just Google it.
  • It is also a great way to stop writer’s block when trying to come up with a blog topic.  Just Google “random blog topic” and you will get ideas.
  • Missed the score of the game last night – Google it.

I am sure I missed many other things that have changed in life after Google.   Perhaps we need to start using a designation “A.G.” for After Google in the same way we use A.D. or B.C.

Have a great week and let me know what I missed.


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