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On The Brink Of Madness – March Madness

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This Is Still A Basketball

This Is Still A Basketball

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Every year about this time I write about the NCAA tournament that captivates the country for about three weeks.  This year is no different.  Why mess with a good thing?  Check out my previous thoughts here, here and here.

Rather than give you my predictions which would be as good as asking your dog or cat to fill out your bracket, I am going to pass on some trivia behind the tournament that you might find interesting.  Since four is a number closely associated with the tournament (the Final Four) I will give some trivia in groups of fours.  All information is current as of the 2013 results.

Schools with the most wins:

  1. 113 – Kentucky
  2. 108 – North Carolina
  3. 100 – UCLA   
  4. 96 – Duke

Schools With Most Championships:

  1. 11 – UCLA
  2. 8 – Kentucky
  3. 5 – Indiana and North Carolina
  4. 4 – Duke

Coaches With Most Championships:

  1. 10 – John Wooden, UCLA
  2. 4 – Adolph Rupp, Kentucky & Mike Krzyzewski, Duke
  3. 3 –Jim Calhoun, Connecticut & Bob Knight, Indiana
  4. 2 – Dean Smith, North Carolina and 8 other coaches

My wish for this year is that it will be an interesting tournament with a low seed getting into the final four which always makes for a good story line and high ratings most people like to root for the underdog.  Good luck to your favorite team or alma mater.

Have a great week and don’t overload on the madness.


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March 17, 2014 at 8:01 am

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