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Seen Or Heard During Christmas

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Too Much Figgy Pudding

Too Much Figgy Pudding

Things you are likely to hear or see during the Christmas Holiday season.

  • You, your dad or your grandfather will likely say; “I needed a new electronic stud finder”.
  • Someone will loosen their belt or put on pajamas after dinner.
  • Wrapping paper will be heard crinkling as presents will be torn open hastily.
  • A child will begin to whine, a mother will say it is time for someone to go to bed and then silence will ensue.
  • That kid on TV will stick his tongue to the flagpole again and again.
  • The beginnings of a weight loss resolution will rumble in the recesses of the minds of 2,648,324 people by New Year’s Eve.
  • Football will played and watched and discussed and analyzed on cable channels too numerous to mention.  A new one seems to be popping up every month.
  • Someone will get “frisky” under the mistletoe.
  • Punches will be thrown as people jockey for position to get the new tech toy.
  • Someone will stand out as they remember the reason for the season.

Have a great Christmas.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 23, 2013 at 8:01 am

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