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Christmas Is On December 25th Every Year

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Cute Puppy Says Merry Christmas

Cute Puppy Says Merry Christmas

Q: What the following years have in common?  (Don’t rack your brain I will tell you and save you the trouble.)

  • 2013
  • 2002
  • 1996
  • 1991
  • 1985
  • 1974
  • 1968
  • 1963

A: In all of these years Christmas was on a Wednesday like it is this year.

What is my point you say?  I am getting to that.  After over 4 years of writing this blog, I have probably written about 90,000 words and every now and then you need something to write about and today is one of those days.  So, for some reason today I thought I would look back on other year that Christmas fell on a Wednesday going back 50 years.  When the Christmas holiday is in the middle of the week, it makes for some difficult vacation planning.  You must ask yourself;”Do I take the whole week off or do I take the first half or the second half off”?  For now I will assume you have already figured out what you are going to do and I am finally going to get to my point.

What was going on in those Wednesday Christmas years?  Let’s take it year by year.

1963 – This was right after we lost President Kennedy and I am sure it was a somber mood.  This was a few weeks before the 4 lads from Liverpool would appear on the Ed Sullivan show.

1968 – This was the peak of social unrest in the U.S. and around the world.  We lost Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy.  I am sure this Christmas people were looking forward to better things on the coming year.

1974 – This was another turbulent year and by Christmas we were probably just happy to have a Vice President.  Richard Nixon resigned in August and Gerald Ford took over but the VP position was not filled until December 19th when Nelson Rockefeller took office.  Gerald Ford was the only President to attain office without a single vote being cast for him as he was appointed as VP after Spiro Agnew resigned.  There were some good things that happened in 1974 like the end of the OPEC oil embargo and Hank Aaron became the Home Run King, a title he holds to this day in my book.

1985 – 11 years has passed since the last time Christmas fell on a Wednesday.  I assume this has something to do with leap year.  1985 was a relatively peaceful year compared to prior years mentioned.  Live Aid concerts to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia were held in the summer and “new” Coke was launched to replace classic Coke but that ended in about 3 months. MTV was near the peak of its popularity.

1991 – The year began with the first Gulf War which was brief and many troops were pulled out of the Persian Gulf on March 10th.  The Rodney King beating was videotaped and the Soviet Union began to crumble and as a very nice Christmas present Mikhail Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union was dissolved the next day.  It was a very nice Christmas indeed.  I don’t remember that happening on Christmas day but discovered it while doing the research for this.

1996 – Overall there were no long running significant controversies in this election year.  The summer Olympics were held in Atlanta and Bill Clinton was re-elected to a second term as president.  The Unabomber was arrested in Montana.  Sadly, on Christmas day 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in the basement of her parents’ home.    Her murder is still unsolved as of this writing.

2002 – This was the year after the 9/11 attacks and there was an act of terrorism at Los Angeles airport on July 4th and the Department of Homeland Security was created in November.  The internet “dotcom” bubble burst and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below 7,200.

2013 – Another 11 years has passed since the last Wednesday Christmas.   Much has happened in those 11 years.  Let’s hope that on our next Wednesday Christmas, which happens in 2019, things will be looking up.

Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 16, 2013 at 8:01 am

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