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A Jimmy Sad Eyes Christmas

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Have Very Jimmy Christmas

Have Very Jimmy Christmas

Today I will be relaying what I learned from Little Jimmy when we sat down to discuss his memories of Christmas.

Pacelinebiz: Jimmy, tell me about your earliest Christmas memories.

Jimmy: My first Christmas was a sad one for me.  I spent it in the animal rescue waiting to be adopted.  I remember hoping that I would get adopted and that would be the best present I could ask for.

Pacelinebiz: Oh yes, you were a rescue dog.  Did they do anything special on Christmas for you?

Jimmy: In the dog wing, we all got a bone from Santa.  I think the cats got a ball of string. (Chuckle) Cats…

Pacelinebiz: Tell me about your first Christmas in your new home.

Jimmy: That was something special!  I got a chew toy, some bacon treats, a stuffed elephant and best of all Modern Warfare 2 for my Xbox.

Pacelinebiz: Cool.

Jimmy: Tell me about it.  I nearly got carpal tunnel in my paw playing that thing.

Pacelinebiz: As a dog, do you find it difficult to get all of your shopping done in this human dominated world?

Jimmy:  Dude, I have three words for you; Amazon- Dot- Com.  I should buy stock in that company I spend so much with them, but they never have earnings so I stay with companies that can deliver lots of free cash flow for my portfolio.  Please don’t take that as investing advice.

Pacelinebiz: It seems that you have embraced technology; do you have any favorite gadgets that make your life easier?

Jimmy: As you know, I travel a lot so I use Dropbox for uploading photos from my Smartphone so I can have them ready for my PC when I get back in the office.  Dropbox is not just for your PC.

Pacelinebiz: What is your favorite Christmas TV special?

Jimmy: A Charlie Brown Christmas.  That is a classic and is probably in the top 3 of everyone’s list.  Snoopy and I are good buds.  I look at him as a mentor since he has handled his fame so well over the years.

At this point Jimmy got a phone call and we had to end our interview.  It was good talking with Jimmy; I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into his life.  Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 9, 2013 at 8:01 am

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