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Big Business Is Not All Bad

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It's Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Note: After this week, I will continue with tradition and have blogs with a Christmas theme for the next three weeks and will resume the normal schedule with a business topic on Monday December 30th.

The fourth annual Small Business Saturday was last Saturday, November 30th.  I think it is good that there is a special initiative to bring recognition to the small businesses of America at the start of the Christmas shopping season.  Since Paceline Business Consulting is a small business, I usually focus most of my blog topics on the small business owner – the market that I serve.  We are a celebrated part of the American fabric and should be.  Today, however I am going to depart from my small business focus and discuss big businesses.

I want to talk about what the big businesses have done indirectly to help their smaller counter parts.  A big contribution they make is by being a testing ground for new ideas.  In technology they are typically the early adopters and help work out the bugs while at the same time make it more affordable by subsidizing cost through their sizable contribution to the economies of scale.  They are essentially paying the freight while we ride for free.

I have listed below some free technology services that any small business owner should consider.  While these are not necessarily examples of big businesses paying the freight and allowing small business ride for free I thought that if you are not already utilizing them you should consider this a gentle nudge to try them out.  These services are essential in today’s business environment.  Many of the services I list offer very reasonable prices if the free offering is not enough for your needs.

Consider the free services that are offered at lower amounts of usage.  Things like cloud storage are free with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive and many others as long as it is a relatively small amount of storage (5-7 GB!).  This small amount of storage is usually plenty big enough for a small business to utilize it for free.

There are also e-mail marketing companies that offer similar free services for a small amount of e-mail addresses.  MailChimp, the service I use offers up to 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails can be sent per month.

Remote desktop computer access programs are also free and very useful for my business.  Some examples are LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop and others.  They enable you to work on a computer remotely saving travel time and opening up your market area to the entire world or anywhere the internet is available.

There are other areas besides technology where the cost of services or products have been made possible by big business leading the way.  So hats off to small business this Christmas season but let’s not forget to thank the big businesses as well.

Have a great week.


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