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An extra hour to sleep

An extra hour to sleep

Spring forward, Fall back.  Yes, today we talk about changing our clocks backward to go back on standard time.  Daylight savings time has ended and the evening sunshine has gone away until March 2,2014 when we spring forward.  Three years ago I wrote about this topic with a tongue in cheek list of ten things I liked about the change back to standard time.  Check it out here.

There have been several changes to the start and end times of daylight savings time. Below are a few of them in recent memory:

Due to the oil embargo of 1973 congress kept daylight savings time year round.  It began January 6, 1974 and ended on April 27, 1975.  At that time it normally began the last Sunday of April and ended the last Sunday of October.  It remained on those days until 1987 when the starting date was moved to the first Sunday of April and continued ending on the last Sunday of October.  In 2007, the begin and end dates were both changed to what we now observe.   Those are the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday of November.

I actually think the period of daylight savings time is now just about right.  Any more changes and we would be having issues in the morning with school children waiting for buses in the dark.  That was a big concern when daylight saving time was observed year round in 1974-1975.

Of course I still dislike the shock of losing that hour of daylight in the fall which effectively ends my outdoor, after work bicycle riding.  I find myself with a lot of time on my hands when I no longer can ride after work.  It is a lot like the problem I have on rainy Saturdays in the summer – what can I do?  In two weeks I will write about that very question – what can I do on a rainy day?

Have a great week.


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November 4, 2013 at 8:01 am

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