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Murphy’s Law

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Fun With Graphs

Fun With Graphs

In the past, I have drawn some graphs that were intended to depict certain conditions.  For example, I drew a graph that depicted alertness while driving relative to distance from destination.  I also drew a graph for the need for naps as you age. 

When I was thinking of an idea for today’s blog, I thought it was time to go back to representing a condition by depicting it in a graph.  By doing this, I think I stumbled upon the graphical depiction of Murphy’s Law.   My first thoughts were to draw a graph of the need for a loan and the availability or ease of obtaining one.  Then I thought I would depict the need for a bathroom and the distance from one and they were the same graph.  I realize I was drawing an inverse relationship.  Upon realizing that I also determined that in essence I had captured the graphical depiction of Murphy’s Law.

The graph at the top has 3 data points, A, B and C.  With the explanation above, let’s have some fun with A, B and C.

Q: If we are talking about a Bank Loan and you are at point C what is your name?

A: Warren Buffett

Q: You are at point C and you just ate a steak dinner how many great restaurants are nearby?

A: Thousands

Q: You are starving and find yourself at point A, what do you see?

A: Nothing for miles but a vending machine that sells stale cheese crackers and only accepts Canadian coins and you are in Mexico.

Q: You are running late and are at point A, what is the “something”?

A: Green traffic lights.

Q: I am full of ideas for my blog, and am at Point A.  What am I lacking?

A: The ability to remember and any sort of device to document these great thoughts.

Q: Does point B exist? (Moderate need moderate availability)

A: No

Note: I showed this graph to someone and his response was funny.  He said; ” I totally get this graph. It’s like my need for it is zero and yet here it is.”

Have a great week battling inverse relationships.


Written by pacelinebiz

October 21, 2013 at 8:01 am

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