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Focus On Things That Are Important Which You Can Control

Focus On Things That Are Important Which You Can Control

What inspired this topic was a diagram I recently saw on LinkedIn.  It is pictured below.  I would like to give credit to the person who drew it but I can’t because it was in someone’s update and was not credited.  Anyways, thank you to the originator.

It is interesting that a diagram is prompting me to write about today’s topic. Next week’s topic is already written and was written a week before this one was and it has one of my hand drawn graphs in it.  Check back next week to see what I am up to.

The diagram above (a Venn diagram) has very worthy advice to follow and led me to think about what I have drawn below.

Do What Leads To Results

Do What Leads To Results


When running a small business wearing many hats, you only have a limited amount of time, so you have to maximize your efforts so you only do what will make you successful.  The shaded area in my diagram needs to be as large as possible.  Try to do only the things that will lead to your success and minimize things that don’t.  That might make you think to yourself;”this guy is crazy, all work and no play will burn you out.”  I am not suggesting that at all.  I am only asking you to critically evaluate what you are pursuing in terms of how it affects your success – as you define it.  Steven Covey would tell you to begin with the end in mind and only do things that will help you achieve your goal. Activities that refresh and re-charge your batteries are most definitely on the list of things that lead to success.  I am talking about things in moderation like:

  • Regular exercise
  • Dining out with your spouse
  • Playing videos games, enjoying a hobby or other mindless pursuits like watching TV
  • Vacations

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too many video games I think you have gone beyond moderation.

You must be careful of things that seem like they are going to help you achieve your goal but aren’t.  This is where you must measure so you can manage your activities.  Evaluating an advertising campaign or different forms of advertising so you know what works best for you.  Keep what works and stop what isn’t yielding results.  If you have no ability to measure the results then how can you make a good decision?

My final point is that measuring what you think leads to your success can sometimes be difficult and I suggest that, if applicable, you do customer surveys to gauge results.  A restaurateur might think that the key to his or her success is the special blend of herbs and spices used but when surveyed his customers may cite another reason that he never thought of such as his food is “finger lickin’ good”.

Have a great week, and check back next week when I will discuss Murphy’s Law.


Written by pacelinebiz

October 14, 2013 at 8:02 am

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