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NFL 2013

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NFL 2013

NFL 2013

The 2013 season of NFL football is about to begin as training camps are in full swing and exhibition games are being played as teams sort out who will make their rosters for the fall. With the new-year teams are starting fresh with the hopes of a winning season, playoff aspirations or for some franchises a super bowl run.

There are 2 “legacy” teams in the league, by that I mean they existed before the AFL-NFL merger, that have not even made it to the Super Bowl. Those teams are Detroit and Cleveland. Cleveland should get an exemption from this dubious honor because when they came back to Cleveland in 1999 they were an expansion team.  I am not an expert in football by any stretch of the imagination but I don’t think you will see either team make it this year. Since they are in different leagues, they could conceivably play each other in the super bowl. I assure you this will not happen this year. There could be a weird stroke of luck and one of these teams could make it but for both to get in would be beyond imaginable. I would place a bet that democrats and republicans would set aside partisan issues and actually do something good for the country before both the Browns and Lions make it to the Super Bowl this year. As fate would have it, these two teams meet in Cleveland on Thursday for a preseason game.  Set your DVR now!

Please, fans of Cleveland and Detroit don’t be offended. I just don’t see a return to greatness for either of these teams. Cleveland is having problems with their owner as he is under investigation by the FBI for the business practices of his company, Pilot-Flying J. Detroit stumbled badly last year after having a surprise playoff appearance in 2011. I expect them to be better than last year but don’t anticipate a playoff run.  For those interested, by clicking here you can see what someone much smarter than me thinks about the 2013 season.

Have a great week getting ready for the season, I prefer watching the baseball pennant races that are just heating up now


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