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The Battle Of Hip-Break Ridge

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Vegetation or weeds

Vegetation or weeds

It was 1607 hours, and the final preparations were commencing. The temperature was 88 degrees and the humidity the same. Smoke was floating, nay hanging, in the still air. Perfect conditions for what was about to begin.

I pulled my mask over my face and snapped my gloves on and tucked in my sleeves. I was about to unleash a chemical assault. My thoughts briefly drifted back to the others that came before me in years gone by. Thoughts about Postman Jimmy, Shorty, Jelly-bread and guys like them. The lucky ones are now pushing 70 and the unlucky ones only a memory or a name on a headstone.

At 1630 hours I began the steady stream of the defoliant, a potent mixture of 50% Glyphosate and water. By 1700 hours I was on my second tank and already the sweat was pouring down my forehead into my eyes.  I realized that this battle was going to be much longer than anticipated. I would empty 6 tanks that day before it was over.

While going through my post-spray decontamination procedures, the aching back and salt covered brow were reminders of the price I paid. It was worth every ache and pain as the next 3 months I was going to reap the benefits of today’s assault. Today’s work will provide a three-month break from cutting the weeds on the steep banks of that hill in sector 4 of my property. Sector 4 is known as Hip-break hill for the steep and uneven terrain that makes cutting the weeds a major source of discomfort for my rickety frame.

What I just described to you was not a military exercise but an exercise of almost equal importance. It was an exercise of self-preservation. Ridding that hill of vegetation beats me up and subjects myself to twisted ankles and twisted a frame. In addition, by defoliating once a quarter for two hours it saves me an hour a week. The results are eleven hours saved per quarter! This is an even better strategy than getting synthetic oil changes to save time.

As I walked in from the garage the heavy smoke of the battlefield still clung snugly to the humid air. When I opened the door to the kitchen I realized the smoke was just some tasty grilled sausages that HQ, er… my wife cooked up for me while I was occupied with the enemy. This whole thing turned out much better than I expected, there was even corn on the cob!

Have a great week, and I assure you that no animals were harmed during the drama that unfolded during the battle of hip-break ridge.


Written by pacelinebiz

July 8, 2013 at 8:01 am

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